Climate Guarantees Sea Rise Of 5 Feet In Coming Decades

It’s doom! They just refuse to say in how many decades. But, hey, just know it’s coming, except their prognostications, and submit!

Sea level is already guaranteed to rise by 5 feet, climate scientist says

Based on the amount of greenhouse gases humans have already added to the Earth’s atmosphere, the world is guaranteed to experience approximately 5 feet of sea level rise in the coming decades, climate scientist Benjamin Strauss told “The Climate Crisis Podcast.”

“It’s in that range, you know, 5 feet plus or minus. And that’s because we’ve already warmed the planet by around 2 degrees Fahrenheit, 1.1 Celsius,” Strauss, the president and CEO of Climate Central, a nonprofit that tries to educate policymakers and the public about the threats posed by climate change, told Yahoo News. “Think of it this way: If I dumped a truckload of ice in the middle of Phoenix, we’d all know it’s going to melt. But it takes time to melt. And the same thing is true for the big ice sheets on Greenland and Antarctica and glaciers around the world. We turned up the thermostat. We’ve already heated the planet by a couple degrees, but they’ve only begun to respond by melting. And that’s why we have all this extra sea level in the pipeline and it’s, it’s enough, I’m afraid to say, it’s hard to imagine the long-term future of South Florida, let’s say, right, with the sea level that’s already in the pipeline.”

Uh, no. It’s around 1.5 Fahrenheit, so, they’re already lying to you adding 25% to the actual measurement since 1850.

Strauss, who has testified before Congress on the number of American houses that will be threatened due to sea level rise caused by climate change, noted that current estimates are that seas will rise by 2 to 3 feet by the end of the century and will continue rising in the decades that follow. Yet the fact that roughly 5 feet of sea level rise has already been baked in to the planet’s future is, for Strauss, even more incentive for the world to come together to prevent that figure from creeping even higher.

So, is it 2-3 feet by the end of the century (which would be around 3-4 times the actual measured sea rise), or 5 feet in the “coming decades”? Interesting how no journalist actually does their job as a skeptic and demands proof of this.

Hawaii’s beaches are disappearing due to climate change

Rising sea levels paired with recent storm surges have been causing faster than usual erosion on Hawaii’s beaches and shorelines.

“The coastal issues that are related to climate change are sort of the canary in the coal mine,” coastal hazards specialist Tara Owens told This Week co-anchor Martha Raddatz, who reported from Hawaii as part of ABC News’ ‘Climate Crisis: Saving Tomorrow’ series. “Everybody who lives here in Hawaii is an oceanographer. … You’re looking at the tides … you’re paying attention to the waves. You can’t ignore or bury the problems, because you see them every day.”

Owens said that in Maui alone, 85% of shorelines are eroding and beaches are “narrowing” as a result.

First, there’s no proof that a rising sea, something you’d expect during a Holocene warm period, is because you drove a fossil fueled vehicle. Second, there should be around double the actual sea rise that’s happening. 3rd, where do they get these numbers? Because

  • Nawiliwili, Hawaii – 1.78 millimeters/year
  • Honolulu, Hawaii – 1.55 millimeters/year
  • Mokuoloe, Hawaii – 1.69 millimeters/year
  • Kahului, Hawaii – 2.3 millimeters/year
  • Hilo, Hawaii – 3.17 millimeters/year

That last one is equivelant to .1248 inches a year. That’s not even half an inch every 4 years. If that keeps up, then we’re starting to get close to what one would expect for sea rise for a normal Holocene warm period century. But, hey, Hawaii is fine with banning all use of fossil fuels, right? No FF vehicles, no FF ships bringing in products, no FF airplanes bringing in tourists, right?

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11 Responses to “Climate Guarantees Sea Rise Of 5 Feet In Coming Decades”

  1. Dana says:

    Good thing my old house in Hampton was at 12½ feet! But hey, now it’s going to become beachfront property!

  2. Dana says:

    However, my father’s family are on Maui. Of course, I’ve never heard from any of them.

  3. Dana says:

    If we’re guaranteed a five foot rise in sea levels, then why spend money to avoid something that is already guaranteed. Why not, instead, spend money to deal with the consequences of global warming climate change when they occur, and we know exactly what they are?

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      We will certainly have to deal with the consequences of global warming that are already “baked in”, and it will be expensive – moving cities inland, migrations, changes in agriculture – all as the population increases another 30%.

      The challenge is to stop further CO2 emissions and further warming and even worse consequences. We’ll be dead by then but our Spanish and Chinese speaking great-grandchildren will have to deal with it.

      • Dayumn the Torpedeos says:

        How come no ones a building walls around their towns and islands if we all gonna be swimming? And why all the richies jet setting about the world and living in 100 million dollar mansions if we all gonna die of this here globe warmun stuff?

        Ill tell yas why. This global warming is fake news. The minute we start saying its getting warmer or we can cut Co2 we have bought the lie. Buying the lie only costs ya her freedome. No big deal huh.

        At one time the eart was neerly underwater. at other times it was a frozen rock. Astroids and comet club us to death over and over. The sun emits gamma waves that so far we have escaped. Exploden stars do the same. We is gonna die. People. Repeat after me. We is gonna die.

        Lets go out with a party and not hidin in our bunkers crying over fear of death. Dayumn the Torpedeos, party time ahead.

        And hell who gives a two sheets about the kiddies. They is all racist aholes anyways. Worthless and good for nothing. Who cares if they live or die a hunnert yers from now. No one does. Let the chinamen have this world. Once we is all chinamen there will be no more racism right? No more blacks, hispanics, whites, Jews eider but certain we have got rid of that evil racism.

        So let em have this planet. It aint worth 2 sents.

  4. drowningpuppies says:

    It’s laughable how wrong these experts have been.
    Now they say they really, really mean it this time.

    Bwaha! Lolgf

  5. Baked In says:

    Based on the amount of greenhouse gases humans have already added to the Earth’s atmosphere, the world is guaranteed to experience approximately 5 feet of sea-level rise in the coming decades, climate scientist Benjamin Strauss told “The Climate Crisis Podcast.”

    See another report that was posted here said that >IF< we cut emissions to zero today the temperature will stop rising. So I am confused with so many lies, scientists yelling Boo! and making stuff up to scare people into being terrified.

    Its baked in they scream. No if we cut it now it will stop. Get out the hockey stick. Hide the Decline. We can't figure out why its not warming. The earth will be underwater in 30 years. The sun is hot. The sun is cold. More Cowbell. Less cowbell. More windmills. More solar panels. More child labor. More high rises for those in the midwest that enjoy freedom.

    We will kill you all. Drone the scaremongering communist minions. Our president is quite literally checking in daily to the mental health unit of la la land.

    God help us all. It is as God predicted in the bible. Who knew the anti-christ would turn out to be Global warming concocted to make billionaires…….trillionaires.

  6. Hairy says:

    Teach wants to ensure that the .ideas will continue to control energy on our planet

  7. bitofperil says:

    Sorry to be that guy, but rounding 1.5 degrees up to 2 degrees is 33 1/3% increase, not 25%

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