How Many Fossil Fueled Vehicles In Biden’s Motorcade?

Because ‘climate change’ is real

Because of COVID restrictions there can only be so many people in each vehicle. Despite being vaccinated

That doesn’t look like an Electric Vehicle, eh? And it was flow in on a fossil fueled jet. I wonder how many others in the convoy were likewise flown in? How many were driven from US embassies and such from other EU nations?

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11 Responses to “How Many Fossil Fueled Vehicles In Biden’s Motorcade?”

  1. Dana says:

    In the meantime, GM has stopped dealers from selling additional Chevy Dolt’s and has warned Dolt owners only to charge the vehicles to 90% of capacity and park them outside because of fire risk.

    That’s from The Philadelphia Inquirer, not some evil reich-wing source.

    So, if owners have to charge their electric vehicles to 90%, not 100%, of capacity, they’re automatically losing 10% of the stated range on the vehicles. If they’ve spent the money to install an in-garage charger, to charge up overnight, now they have to charge outside, possibly having to leave their garage doors open, and leave their vehicles outside in the weather. Kind of defeats the purpose in having a garage in the first place!

    Brandon wants to force us all into plug-in electric cars, but the technology isn’t up to the goal. Will it get better and safer? Maybe, but remember: electric storage of sparktricity in a battery isn’t an engineering issue, but one of developing the chemicals which can store a charge. Who knows? There may be no other chemicals, or at least none safer, which can do that!

  2. Junk Yard Dog says:

    Global Warming is a scam to fear monger you into doing stupid things and giving power to the government which they will then abuse.

    • Blow me over says:

      AGW is real. The seas are going to rise 22,000 feet in just 30 years. To cover up pikes peak. AGW is so horrifying that Wyoming will become Italy. The sun is getting colder but its so hot in the world right now you can cook an egg in January on the sidewalk in Antarctica. The hockey stick is real. Ask any NHL player.

      In summary. Blow me over. Its windy today. That has to be Global warming.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        No doubt you’re a scientist, right?

        Bwaha! Lolgf

        • Blow me over says:

          I has phd’s in several areas of expertise. Critical thinking, Critical Race Theory, Critical exposure when my raincoat flies open and Critical Constipation. I knows what I speak. China keeps me informed daily as to what to say. Today we are against AGW. Tomorrow I think Pro AGW is on the docket.

  3. Unkle C says:

    Dana, you’re on the track. The charging and battery issues will loom large for ev’s in the near term. But the 1000kg gorilla is the power grid. We don’t have nearly enough generating capacity, I’ve seen estimates that run from 15 or 20% to the high 30% current generating capacity currently available for a total ev change-out. The transmission grid is not as robust and the inherent inefficiencies of electric transmission will require even more generation.
    Where are all those electrons going to come from?
    Texas is one of the largest wind~electric producers in the world and it’s production couldn’t handle a relatively minor freeze event last winter. And don’t mention that the wind and solar generating equipment has a relative life span of 25 years and is essentially non-recyclable.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Maybe it’s time to upgrade the US power grid. Of course that approach would cost money.

      Maybe someone should propose an infrastructure bill that includes upgrading the grid.

      • Dana says:

        Perhaps, just perhaps, if the idea was simply to push for all new electric generating capacity to handle the increased load from fire-hazard electric vehicle to be solar, wind or hydroelectric, and not try to force the fossil fuel plants out of service before their time, you might get some people, other than the loonier left, to think that hey, that’s worth at least trying.

        But that would never be good enough for the warmunists, because they seem to think that this could be a 23rd century Star Trek world by 2050.

      • Dana says:

        There is, of course, one obvious solution: nuclear power plants! But the environmentalist whackos would fight them at every turn, and through permitting, design and construction it would take probably ten years to build one.

    • david7134 says:

      The issue is the battery. In talking to the Tesla guy, I found that the anticipated battery life is 5 years. Then what? Disposal of battery residue will be as bad if not worse than nuclear waste.

  4. Joe says:

    Need a couple of extra vans for the next time Joe shits his, er has a wardrobe malfunction.

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