Bummer: Corporate Sponsors Complaining About COP26 Mismanagement

And these are the people we’re supposed to trust to run the economy, government, and our lives

Cop26 corporate sponsors condemn climate summit as ‘mismanaged’

Companies that stumped up millions of pounds to sponsor the Cop26 climate summit have condemned it as “mismanaged” and “very last minute” in a volley of complaints as next month’s event in Glasgow draws near.

The sponsors, which include some of Britain’s biggest companies, have raised formal complaints blaming “very inexperienced” civil servants for delayed decisions, poor communication and a breakdown in relations between the organisers and firms in the run-up to the landmark talks.

The Guardian understands that a letter to the organisers, written by broadcaster Sky and co-signed by senior leaders from other Cop26 sponsors, has raised concerns with them over these and other problems, and followed another co-signed letter in July.

Alongside Sky, the summit has 10 other major sponsors, including energy giants Hitachi, National Grid, Scottish Power and SSE, US tech titan Microsoft, and FTSE companies GSK, NatWest, Reckitt, Sainsbury’s and Unilever. Unilever has denied signing the letter penned by Sky. Other lower tier “partners” include the car maker Jaguar Land Rover and the furniture retailer Ikea.

One source, employed by a Cop26 sponsor, said that “the biggest frustration” was the lack of information about how the event will run, and the role for its key backers, because important questions have gone unanswered and planning decisions have been delayed.

“They had an extra year to prepare for Cop due to Covid, but it doesn’t feel like this time was used to make better progress. Everything feels very last minute,” the source said.

Say, I wonder if these corporate sponsors realize that the hardcore cultists want to do away with capitalism, have the government control their companies, and dictate all terms of operation for those that survive? And who’s surprised by the incompetence in getting COP26 running? Will they be ready for the 10’s of thousands coming in via fossil fueled vehicles and planes? Will there be enough room to park all the private jets?

The source blamed the “very young, very inexperienced” civil servants tasked with planning the event for taking a “top-down public sector approach” that has raised hackles among sponsors.

“It’s clear that many of them have very little experience managing relationships in the private sector, or even experience attending a Cop event,” the source said.

In other words, a bunch of young climate cultists/SJWs who have zero knowledge of Real Life. They expect things to just happen correctly because they say so, because they’ve been coddled their whole lives and told how special they are.

A Whitehall veteran of Cop summits said: “It feels like some of these sponsors have forgotten the actual reason we’re in Glasgow. Cop isn’t about branding, it’s about tackling climate change. Keeping 1.5C in reach is the best thing you can do for your bottom line: they would do well to remember this.”

And these companies should remember what the climate cult wants to actually do.

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  1. MrToad says:

    LOL Wait until they get their new “Green Tax Bill” that they voted for when they voted Biden.

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