Let’s Go Brandon: Entrenched Partisanship Collides With His Push For Unity

Can anyone point out any part of #LetsGoBrandon’s agenda that is actually about unity? Perhaps 10% of each of the massive bills he’s pushing contain measures that are not-controversial and not hardcore leftist

Biden’s push for unity collides with entrenched partisanship

President Biden is struggling to make good on a campaign promise to unite the country as his administration runs up against an increasingly divided Washington and polarization among the broader electorate.

Throughout the 2020 campaign, Biden spoke of bringing the country together and “breaking the fever” with Republicans.

“You’re going to be surprised,” he said on a call with grassroots supporters in December just weeks before taking office, going so far as to predict a Republican “epiphany.” He said GOP behavior would change without Donald Trump in office, but that it would take six to eight months to change.

But little has changed inside the Beltway as Biden approaches the nine-month mark without a major piece of bipartisan legislation signed into law. While the president secured an infrastructure deal after intense rounds of negotiations with Republicans, the bill remains in limbo in the House more than two months after it passed the Senate with strong bipartisan support.

And why is it not passing? Because the hardcore Democrats in the House refuse to pass it. The Hill forgets to mention that part.

Some political observers, however, say Biden deserves credit for trying to put aside partisanship in favor of unity.

“It’s more about aspiration than achievement,” said historian Michael Eric Dyson, who was invited to the White House earlier this year as part of a larger group of academics to discuss “big ideas” with Biden. “Voters are savvy enough to know that you’re not able to do everything you want to do because you’re not acting by yourself. What they want you to have is the desire to do so.”

Voters are savvy enough to understand that Brandon’s campaign unity talk was complete mule fritters. 54% say the country is less united now. This, though, is a top-page piece designed to protect Brandon and put the Blame on Other People. It’s kinda hard to push unity when your agenda is the same as Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsome, and the other left wing moonbats. It’s hard to push unity when you’re threatening to sick the Department of Justice on parents protesting mask mandates, Critical Race Theory, and other insane stuff in schools. It’s kinda hard to push unity when you want people fired for refusing to take a vaccine that hasn’t even been out for a year. When you’re turning last year’s heroes, the health workers and first responders, into villains.

Asked if Biden was naive in talking about unity, Dyson replied: “Of course he was.”

“But we don’t need bad faith actors,” he said. “We need someone who has enough naivety to believe that it’s possible. Thank God for that.”

It’s not naivety: it’s dementia. How do you have a guy who’s naive who’s been in government since 1973? Who served as Vice President for 8 years? Unity was all mule fritters, and he pivoted to hardcore leftist immediately.

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  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Let’s go Brandon.

    Sinopec, also known as China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, is a Chinese Communist regime-controlled oil and gas enterprise. Its “fully-owned subsidiary” Sinopec Marketing Company enjoyed nearly $1 billion in investment from Hunter Biden’s private equity firm BHR Partners.


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