Pentagon Has New Plan To Go “Green” Or Something

It was one thing for the military to plan for the effects of a warming world, regardless of causation belief. That’s what they do: plan. Now, though, they are being sucked further into the Cult of Climastrology, and this will damage their core mission, which is to protect the U.S. from foreign enemies

With New Plan, Pentagon Embraces Climate Change Fight

Electric vehicleA new Pentagon strategy calls for the military services and all defense-related organizations — including contractors — to make changes to mitigate potential vulnerabilities from climate change and reduce emissions.

The 32-page report, released Thursday, states that the Defense Department must adapt to a world where military operations, installations and even weapon systems can all be impacted by climate change.

“Climate change is going to be the context of the world that we live in from now on,” Richard Kidd, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for environment and energy resilience, told reporters during a roundtable on Friday. “No entity can opt out of their responsibilities or requirements to take necessary steps in either adaptation or mitigation.”

The strategy lays out five lines of effort, outlining how the Pentagon can incorporate climate change into its future planning and operations.

So, what, worthless electric trucks and tanks? Sailing ships? How will they fly airplanes? Softening the training requirements because of a slight temperature increase?

Perhaps most notably for the defense industry, the department must harden its supply chains to the effects of climate change, the strategy states. One way it can do that is by leveraging its purchasing power to invest in environmentally-friendly technologies like microgrids and power storage systems that can also improve the survivability of the military.

If it’s not helping the mission it’s hurting the mission.

The Pentagon will also seek greater transparency from industry on current levels of greenhouse gas emissions and companies’ plans for reduction.

And forcing contractors to go green. Silly.

The department plans to target places in the supply chain where it can reduce emissions, while also having a positive impact on operations or resiliency, Kidd said. For example, the Defense Department wants to see more domestic production of batteries used in aircraft, on ships or by dismounted troops, which serves a dual purpose of reducing the vulnerability of the US military to supply chain interruptions in the foreign market.

Now, that is one thing that does make sense. Of course, the extreme-enviros will sue to stop the mining necessary for this, along with protests and blockades.

Maybe one day the military will be able to have electric tanks, but, at this moment, all this stuff is just a distraction from being able to protect the U.S. But, then, the climate cult is primarily made up of Leftists, who have long hated the military, and this is a way to destroy it from the inside. They weren’t able to defund it in the Vietnam era, so, they invade and destroy.

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One Response to “Pentagon Has New Plan To Go “Green” Or Something”

  1. Professor hale says:

    Dod is every bit as much of the swamp as Dept of education. I find it amazing that anyone is surprized that the top political appointees in DOD immediately start printing new policies in line with their own priorities. “Green policies” = ways to funnel Defense budget to democratic party donors like university professors, lawyers, and climate activists. Democrats always see all parts of federal budget as slush funds for their own causes and helping their friends get rich.

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