Surprise: Big Tech Companies Trying To Kill Climate (scam) Legislation

This is very interesting. So many of these companies are pushing all sorts of “green” measures, both for their own companies and publicly by government. They yammer about green servers and using electric vehicles for operations and reducing their carbon footprints. Yet

Apple, Amazon and others back groups trying to kill US climate legislation

electric vehicleApple, Amazon, Microsoft and Disney are among the major companies backing corporate lobby groups and organizations that are battling a US climate bill, according to a report. That’s despite those companies all making pledges to reduce their impact on the environment.

The United States Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable and the Rate Coalition are three of the lobbyist and business groups that oppose the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget bill, which includes measures to fight climate change. The Guardian reports that watchdog Accountable.US analyzed the groups to learn which companies have connections to them.

The Chamber of Commerce, the biggest lobbying group in the US, has said it would “do everything we can to prevent this tax-raising, job-killing reconciliation bill from becoming law.” The group’s board includes executives from the likes of United Airlines and Microsoft.

The board of the Business Roundtable includes Apple CEO Tim Cook, Google and Alphabet chief executive Sundar Pichai and Amazon CEO Andy Jassy. The group has said it’s “deeply concerned” about the bill and the increased taxes it would lead to for the rich. Google has also made political contributions in the past to individuals and organizations that have denied climate change.

Now, see, the thing is, if these companies want to do “green” things in their own business operations, that’s their choice. And it should be their choice, not by Force of Government. But, again, publicly they have been very supportive of government Doing Something

The support of lobbying groups that are attempting to kill the bill conflicts with the tech companies’ attempts to tackle the climate crisis. Apple, Google and Microsoft have all backed the Paris Agreement, for one thing. Apple and Microsoft promised to become carbon neutral and carbon negative respectively by 2030.

By backing Paris they are showing their support for Government dominance and requirements, rather than personal/business responsibility.

On Friday, Amazon expressed support for the infrastructure bill and the climate aspects of the Build Back Better reconciliation bill. A spokesperson provided the following statement to Engadget:

Amazon believes both private and public sector leadership is required to tackle the global issue of climate change. That’s why we actively advocate for policies that promote clean energy, increase access to renewable electricity, and decarbonize the transportation system. In addition to advocating for these issues on a local, state, and international level, we have a worldwide sustainability team that innovates sustainable solutions for both our business and customers, as well as co-founded The Climate Pledge – a commitment to be net-zero carbon 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement.

There’s a bit more to the statement, but, you get the idea: support in public, opposition in private. Because it looks good in public, but, they know that all these climate scam regulations will cause a lot of economic issues, both for their companies and for consumers.

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3 Responses to “Surprise: Big Tech Companies Trying To Kill Climate (scam) Legislation”

  1. Hairy says:

    Yes our elites are secretly against legislation to stop climate change

  2. Down on the Corner says:

    I gots to agree that companies are two faced liars. I just had me a door installed from one of the big box stores cause all the local yokels are out of business now. The door was a piece of trash and defective. Now mind ya I was gone workin when it was installed sos I get home and this door looks like it been used for testing missiles.

    I call the store they are like whose your installer. Send us pictures via email, are you sure its broke, what is closest star to the sun, why does was run uphill in the rockies? How much beer you drank today, why does communists want to come to the USA if they like being communists so much?

    Huh? Aint this work and door warranted?

    Uh, well you should have stopped him from installing it. Well you should notta installed it while I was at work then. Thats what you agreed to. Sir How can I reject a door if I’m not their and you agreed to install a door while I am not there yet you saying I should have rejected a faulty door being installed in the first place.

    Whose your boss? I’m the boss? What, are you even out of High school yet. No. And your in charge of customer service?

    I still battling this nitwit who simply has my information on their computer including the guy that installed the door, but its like recovering your password from paypal. Hey I want to recover my password. Sign in. I can’t sign in until I have a password. Sign in. I can’t. Sign in.

    Lets try something else I want to call and talk to a person. If you want to talk to a person. Sign in. I can’t. Sign in. Go to hell!!! Sign in.

    Let’s try something else what did you purchase on oct 12, 1999. What? I don’t know. Sign in.

    Tech sucks, combine that with big businesses and it sucks worse. Combine that with big business and tech and a government run by poeple not elected and it is becoming a nightmare.

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