Taliban Celebrates As Surrender Joe Finishes The Afghanistan Retreat

Yes, it was long past time to leave Afghanistan. I was never a big fan of nation building. We should have gone in in scorched earth style, eradicating al Qaeda and the Taliban. But, nations do not do Total War anymore, not since WWII. Our allies wanted to nation build, as well. And not a whole lot has been accomplished since. But, it’s the way the U.S. pulled out, which upset our allies, as well. And made the Taliban very happy

‘This is a lesson for the world’: Taliban stand on Kabul airport runway as they brag about defeating the West and celebrate with fireworks after last US flight took off, leaving hundreds of citizens and allies behind

The West’s retreat from Afghanistan should serve as ‘a lesson for the world,’ the Taliban bragged today, as its fighters paraded at Kabul airport after the last American troops departed on Monday night.

Zabihullah Mujahid, the group’s chief spokesman, addressed the media from the tarmac this morning – posing in front of Taliban ‘special forces’ units wielding American-made rifles and US military gear, who had seized control of the airstrip just hours earlier. Elsewhere, Taliban fighters posed with captured aircraft, helicopters, and vehicles.

‘Congratulations to Afghanistan… this victory belongs to us all,’ Mujahid said, calling the day a ‘big lesson for other invaders and for our future generation.’ ‘It is an historical day and an historical moment. We are proud of these moments, that we liberated our country from a great power,’ he added.

Overnight, fireworks and celebratory gunfire had lit up the night sky over the Afghan capital after it emerged the last US evacuation flight had departed, putting an end to America’s longest war.

But hundreds of American and British citizens were left behind, along with thousands of Afghans who helped western troops on a promise of sanctuary that was ultimately broken. Many now fear for their lives.

Mujahid insisted today that Taliban security forces will be ‘pleasant and nice’ to those left behind, despite reports already emerging of summary executions and persecution against women reminiscent of the Taliban of old.

Meanwhile at Bagram air base, the former stronghold of western forces, its new Taliban commander was boasting of having ‘beaten’ America using little more than Kalashnikov rifles while saying the airfield will now be ‘a base for jihad for all Muslims’.

Oh, good, so more Islamist terrorism. And how do the U.S. intelligence agencies handle this? Well, consider that the Biden Admin basically abandoned all those who worked with the U.S. and the allies, and, do you think anyone will be interested in helping the U.S. out in the future?

The photos of all the material left behind are unbelievable. Biden basically just turned a bunch of Islamic extremists into a powerful army. If they can learn to use the material.

We had to leave at some point, I suppose. Despite still having a military presence in Italy, Germany, and Japan. Joe just did it exactly in the worst way, and now jihadis have a training base again, along with a lot of material. I wonder how much explosive they now now have? We can blame all terrorists attacks on Biden now, right?

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4 Responses to “Taliban Celebrates As Surrender Joe Finishes The Afghanistan Retreat”

  1. I noted that your links are all sourced from the Daily Mail or Yahoo News. It’s understandable, since The New York Times and The Washington Post aren’t going to cover stories like those.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The Taliban DID defeat the west didn’t they? But then they defeated Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Persians, Sikhs, British Empire, the Russians and now the US. But WE were going to turn them into a modern democracy!

    And why shouldn’t the Afghans celebrate after ending 20 years of foreign occupation?

    Powerful Army? We left behind propeller-driven surveillance planes and MRAPs and cars without keys.

    Germany says they left some 10,000-40,000 people behind!

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Ann Coulter praised President Biden for having “the balls” to do what tRump was afraid to do – leave Afghanistan.

    tRump had the Presidential power and the people’s support to withdraw from Afghanistan but was clever enough to know it politically it was a losing proposition. He wanted the credit without the risks. Classic tRump.

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