A Woke College Group Is In Charge Of Our Foreign Policy

Mr. Chamberlain, I mean, Ned, is living in a delusional world. This is the kind of stuff you get from purple haired, no pit shaving, soy boy, Woke nutters at a college like Evergreen, people who live in an alternate universe. It’s beyond nuts that this is the way our State Department thinks. If the Taliban don’t do this, what will the Biden admin do? Robin Williams used to tell a joke about the unarmed British police yelling “stop! or I’ll yell stop again.”

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18 Responses to “A Woke College Group Is In Charge Of Our Foreign Policy”

  1. I’m still baffled that we haven’t seen at least a couple of Biden Administration officials resign rather than have to stand up there and humiliate themselves defending the indefensible, trying to make a pile of stinking [insert slang term for feces here] look like a golden trophy.

    These guys are mostly very well-to-do, and they can afford to quit, afford to just walk away from this disaster, but they stay anyway. Either they are masochists, or are really so #woke that they can’t see what everyone else sees.

  2. Hairy says:

    Dana exactly how do you think we should if we could make tgd talibN behave as wevthink they should?
    We haven’t been able to get the Daudis to stop sharia law do you think k we should bomb the f out of them ? Remember it was the Saudi financed free msdrassa religious training schools that educated the taliban and taught them sharia law The Saudis are much much stricter thN the Iranians

    • est1950 says:

      Hairy it is not about making the taliban behave. They are in charge of their own destiny now.

      It is about the withdrawal and the millions of pounds of Explosives that will be used in the future to blow people up. It is about leaving behind Helicopters that are now sitting in foreign countries soon to be in the hands of china and russia to reverse engineer.

      It is about abandoning women and children to a fate worse than death.

      The left, the champions of the downtrodden, Women and children just fukin let these people be FUBAR’d and are now defending a horrendous operation that guarantees a CLEANSING akin to the JEWS in NAZI GERMANY.

      And you seem perfectly okay with that.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Do you think the Chinese and Russians will learn a lot from our helicopters?

        And now, suddenly, the American right is concerned about Muslim women and girls!!

        How would you have engineered the leaving of Afghanistan? Leave behind 10,000 troops to keep the Taliban in line. Or maybe do it more slowly to give ISIS more opportunities to kill Americans.

        The Taliban is a conservative, fundamentalist religious group who do not believe in feminism or women’s rights.

        How lazy of you. The Nazis killed some 6 million Jews and and unknown number of non-Jews, including homosexuals, Roma, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the disabled, old and feeble, the intellectuals, artists, Poles, resisters and collaborators, Priests and pastors, wives and husbands married to Jews…

        The next Nazi-like cleansing will be in the US if the white nationalists take over.

        • Jl says:

          J- these white nationalists, are they in the room with you now?

          • david7134 says:

            There is a whole world in Jeff’s mind, people talk to him constantly. What I find amusing is that Jeff goes on about the Nazis, but his beliefs are closer to them than us.

        • est1950 says:

          And now, suddenly, the American right is concerned about Muslim women and girls!!

          Yes Conservatives have always revered women….Not that we can find many anymore since they are all ITS, TREES, LUGNUTS and TRANS.

          But I digress.

          The LEFT is the one that is SUCH STAUNCH SUPPORTERS OF MUSLIMS AND WOMEN and YOU L E F T T H E M!!!!!

          The leftist administration led by a WOKE PENTAGON, INFILTRATED BY WOKE HARVARD GRADS LEFT THEM


          IT WAS the LEFT who LEFT THEM…..HYPOCRISY. You guys don’t care about Muslims or Women you just use them for political expediency.

          And that Elwood is the point of my post. YOU LEFT THEM TO DIE.

        • est1950 says:

          Do you think the Chinese and Russians will learn a lot from our helicopters?

          A quick lesson about electronics in planes. Jamming equipment uses rotating frequencies to defeat enemy jamming. IF the Russians and Chinese get access to these military aircraft they can see exactly how they are construct what patterns they use and be able to design future equipment to beat the USA’s ability to work through signal jamming.

          NOT that I WOULD EXPECT WOKE PENTAGON UN-ELECTED BUREAUCRATS to understand any of this. Its all about appearances and perception for these people. Gotta make sure there are no White Nationalists in the military. Gotta brainwash, er retrain us some WOKEYS.

          Be quiet we is hunting us some White Nationalists.

    • david7134 says:

      You do realize that you and Jeff are the only ones who comment here that demand everyone conform to your ideas. And are pushing the government to make sure we do.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        Should teachers lead prayers in public schools?

        Would you ban abortions?

        Would you ban school districts requiring masks?

        Would you ban businesses from requiring vaccination as a condition of employment?

        Would you ban teaching evolution is schools?

        Would you reinstall Mr trump as President?

        Would you end unemployment payments and welfare and SNAP?

        Would you impose a flat or fair tax at the federal level, raising taxes on the working class and cutting taxes on the wealthy?

        Would you limit immigration based on skin color, religion, national origin?

        Would you outlaw same-sex marriage?

        • david7134 says:

          Gee Jeff am I supposed to engage you in a conversation? Why? You would not understand any of it.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:


            You’re such an ignorant Nazi pussy! LOL

          • Kye says:

            He tried the same ignorant shit with me. Fortunately last week he decided as he said ” I’m going to break off communications with you and hope you heal.”

            It’s so cute when a shit faced fascist turd calls you a “Nazi”. The quintessential projection if there ever was one.

            The beauty is that fascists like Elwood would censor and de platform us if we were on his blog. He calls Teach all kinds of names and so does Hairy but it’s their side that murders Free Speech, not guys like Teach.

            In fact if he could I actually believe Elwood would have us imprisoned or executed. He would just call us insurrectionists and put a bullet in the back of our head. I saw what commies like him did in Nam.

            There’s a guy that rattles off 20 dumbasssed questions but refuses to answer 4 easy ones for over a year.

            I spit on him and his fascist party.

        • est1950 says:

          To every one of your questions Elwood I can easily answer NO.

          Why? Because most of these are libertarian points of view in which the leftists have usurped them and made them a means to control their voters.

          Yet they have protections via the constitution, A document you despise It seems but never the less it is protected and spelled out by the constitution.

          School prayer. NO.

          Abortions are legal.

          School Districts have been federalized and as such they mostly fall under the pervue of the FEDS. Just like the left is desperate to federalize elections next so they can make this a one party nation and we always see how well that works out around the world and in California.

          Businesses can do what they want right Elwood. Including NOT paying a living wage, cutting benefits and not paying their share of taxes….Except they can’t. Why? Because they are mandated by Federal law that they must do certain things. IF TWITTER can BAN CONSERVATIVES why can’t they ban Blacks?

          Evolution in school is taught because the STATE SPONSORED BRAINWASHING CLINICS have taken over.

          Flat tax is an excellent idea. I propose 100 percent tax on everyone but the rich because that is what YOU WANT. YOU SUPPORT THE GREAT RESET and THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO GET.

          IMMIGRATION should be based upon merit, UNFORTUNATELY THE LEFT has turned Immigration into SKIN COLOR< RELIGION and national origin. Perhaps you should ask your own party how they arrived at that conclusion. HAITI can't come to America cause they are overwhelmingly conservatives. But Puerto Rica's can flood into the country. Cuban's must be sent packing, but Muslims are welcome…..I think you should look in the mirror on this one.
          Same Sex marriage is here to stay. Why do you bring this up. Hell More Gays are voting for the GOP because of one thing. They are NOT feeling unwelcome by the party and the left has abandoned them for TRANS and TRANS is taking the eye off of the LGBTQ agenda which includes all groups and not just TRANS.

          In short…you ask questions of us that YOU NEED TO ANSWER FOR YOUR OWN PARTY.

  3. Elwood says:

    The talibuts will soon open bazaars on their China border. The US dollars generated by the sale of all those deadly US arms and all that wonderful US technology will keep them in rags and riches for a hundred years… and that is exactly what the Chinese ordered from Joe and Co..

  4. Kye says:

    White nationalists are running all over America murdering blacks, Hispanics and Asians. OOPs! Sorry, that black nationalists doing that. You can count the White nationalists on two hands but the BLM feral blacks burn down cities, destroy our heritage and loot and murder our citizens and all the 3Blind Mice do is bitch about Gem. Miley’s nightmares.

    Do you recall seeing all those “White nationalist” flags at the 1/6 capitol protest? Neither do I. Do you recall all the BLM/Antifa flags at the metro riots last summer. So do I.

    The left is full of shit. I spit on their loathsome selves.

  5. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The entire nuGOP has become the party of tRump, who is the leader of the white nationalist movement.

    A tRump flag is a white nationalist flag, duh.

    White nationalists say things like “feral blacks destroy OUR heritage”. White nationalists claim that tRump won the 2020 election. White nationalists are terrified that they’ll lose their built-in privileges and advantages based on their skin color, which is why they’re trying to rig our democracy such that their minority can rule. That’s why the white nationalists tried to overturn tRump’s defeat on Jan 6. They failed this time but they’re a threat to America.

  6. Kye says:

    “August 31, 2021
    Chase Bank just cancelled General Michael Flynn
    By Lauri B. Regan
    There’s a new front in the progressive war to turn our nation into a dystopian society ruled by left-wing autocrats who seek to punish anyone who does not fall in line with their dictatorial rules. Conservatives have seemingly become inured to the cancel culture that silences their voices in classrooms, across social media, and in corporate board rooms, but the campaign against them is intensifying with the aid of some corporate behemoths.

    Michael Flynn, a retired three-star general who served our country with distinction, notwithstanding the Democrats’ attempts to malign and jail him simply because he was a Trump supporter and appointed to head the National Security Agency, just had his credit cards canceled by Chase Bank. Chase claimed it was doing so due to “reputational risk.” And while Snopes and others concluded they could not confirm the authenticity of the letter from Chase to Flynn, which was posted on social media and has since gone viral, Chase has declined comment on the matter leading to the conclusion that the cancellation of Flynn’s cards did in fact occur.”

    At the center of every leftist beats the heart of a Nazi. De-personing, dehumanizing people are tried and true Nazi tactics.

    Our nation has been taken over by fascists that believe there are “White nationalists” around every corner and that any person White or black (Larry Elder) that points out the only racists today are anti White racists is called names…as usual.

    I guarantee there were fewer “White Nationalists” at the Capitol on 1/6 then there were commies and fascists at every single riot last summer. Protesting is only an “insurrection” when White Trump supporters do it. When a black Marxist organization or a fascist cult does it they call it “mostly peaceful protests”. Bull shit. They’re all America hating fascists. Christian hating bigots. White hating racists. Jew hating anti Semites. Despicable pieces of shit who should be spit on.

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