Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy Says It’s Not Quite Yet Time To Force Citizens To Sacrifice

Gina McCarthy is combing climate cult worship with a bit of reality, so, it begs the question, when is it the right time to force the climate cult down the throats of citizens using Fascist government?

Biden adviser Gina McCarthy calls it “ridiculous” to push climate sacrifice now

electric vehicleOn “Axios on HBO,” White House national climate adviser Gina McCarthy called for a practical rather than idealistic approach to getting Americans to change their routines to save the planet.

McCarthy told me that with all the lost jobs, “Now is not the time to sit them down and say: ‘Let’s talk about climate. How can you sacrifice?’ … [I]t’s never going to be a winning strategy. Right now, it’s ridiculous.”

Why it matters: Electric vehicles have had a luxury image. But McCarthy took me for a spin in an electric Chevrolet Bolt before the interview, as part of an effort to show electric vehicles can be an economical part of the average American’s future.

The average American is not going to spend a starting $36500 for a new Bolt. The average American isn’t looking to pay $600-700 a month for a car payment on something that will depreciate around 50% in under 3 years. The average American typically looks at the $30,000 range and under.

McCarthy — the head of the EPA under President Obama, and now in a new job created by President Biden — noted that change is hard, because people love their routines.

McCarthy said that with all the new technology, “the whole job is to get people excited about what’s available, get that deployed to its maximum.”

“They don’t want to have to do research on things like cars,” she added. “They just want ’em to be what they used to be. And if you want to make the kind of shift that we need for climate, you’ve got to be optimistic about the future.”

Is it really the government’s job to be the shills for the auto industry and EVs? Is she calling consumers lazy and dumb, as they don’t want to do research? Of course, their research ends fast when they see the price tag, unless they happen to be an upper middle class/rich person who wants the status of driving an EV around town …. and have a fossil fueled vehicle for longer trips. You don’t see that many, if any, EVs when driving the longer distance roads.

Further, Gina is rather admitting that the government is looking to force people to “sacrifice” for the climate crisis (scam). She doesn’t delve deep into that in the video at the link, but, we all know that means higher taxes, higher cost of living, government telling us how to live our lives, where we can go, where we can live, you name it, because the Cult of Climastrology has linked their cultish beliefs to pretty much everything. All while the leaders in the CoC refuse to change their own lives.

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  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Pretty much blows McCarthy and ShortBus Joey out of the water.

    Bwaha! Lolgf

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