You Do Know That The Cicadas Forshadow A World Of Insect Swarms From Climate Crisis (scam), Right?

The cicadas come every 17 years. But, the Cult of Climastrology has now hijacked this perfectly natural occurrence for their own doomsday purposes, as seen in Axios

The cicadas are foreshadowing our future with more — and more dangerous — insect swarms

Trillions of Brood X cicadas are now emerging throughout parts of the mid-Atlantic and Midwestern U.S.

Why it matters: Most immediately, because they can be as loud as a Metallica show when they’re singing in concert.

But the behavior of cicadas will provide important clues to how climate change and human influence are altering the environment, and preview a future where some insects — including many of the species that most threaten us — could swarm in ever greater numbers.

By the numbers: As soil temperatures 8 inches underground reach 64°F, it will signal to cicadas of Brood X that it is time to end their 17 years underground and burst through the forest floors and suburban lawns of their native territory. (snip through information on cicadas, especially that they are not dangerous in the least)

The big picture: Climate change and habitat loss have already been implicated in the decline of countless other insects, from wild bees to monarch butterflies to certain kinds of moths. But other insect species will thrive in a warmer world — to the detriment of the rest of us.

So, this happens every 17 years, this has been happening for a long, long time (some scientists think this goes back deep into the last ice age), but, Climate Emergency! Why? If you’re asking you must be a Denier, and should have your voice shut down. Just join the cult!

See, we learn about honeybees, which love warm weather, but, are doomed from warm weather because shut up, you Denier! It couldn’t possibly be due to actual pollutants and land use. Shut up.

Suburban development in partially forested areas — as well as climate change — is increasing the threat from tick-borne diseases, with the number of counties in the Northeast and upper Midwest considered at high risk of Lyme disease increasing by more than 300% between 1992 and 2012.

So, mostly suburban development, not a tiny 1.5F increase in global temps since 1850. But, don’t say that you Denier! Heresy!

The catch: Connecting climate change to insect-borne disease is tricky, in part because rising incidences of diseases like Lyme likely also reflect greater awareness and more meticulous tracking.

But, they still will. They just did. Cicadas have zero to do with climate change, whether natural, anthropogenic, or some combination. Yet, they went down this doomsaying cult road.

The bottom line: Cicadas are a loud, if temporary nuisance, but more dangerous bugs aren’t going anywhere.

If that’s the bottom line, then why all the cultish doomsaying?

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7 Responses to “You Do Know That The Cicadas Forshadow A World Of Insect Swarms From Climate Crisis (scam), Right?”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach criticizes the article for referencing global warming and then criticizes the article for referencing the impact of deforestation.

    Teach also once again trots out his lie that a 1.5F increase in mean global surface temperature is “tiny”. The Holocene Epoch disagrees.

  2. Est1950 says:

    Teach, who is a dipshit, keeps trotting out his dipshit lap puppy to say inane things.

    Pro tip, lap puppy: Bolding a falsehood does not turn it into truth. POSTED BY ELWOOD ON MAY 11th.

    It is quite clear that Elwood and his alter-ego Wiki Zach have one mission. To discredit this website and more specifically the OP who posts his opinions.

    As I have mentioned before, the go to strategy of the left and more specifically in this case the AGW terrorist organization is to silence you through intimidation including lawsuits.

    I once Observed Zach being A lawyer on this website several years back. He was an expert of law and now he pretends to be an expert on Climate Change simply by WIKI linking.

    One of the things people around the world need to understand is that GOOGLE and all the other search engines have an agenda. That agenda is the destruction of the west. To do this they cannot blow them up with bombs but they sure the hell can destroy their economy. AGW is terrorism meant to destroy the economy for the world for their Chinese Benefactors.

    Does Elwood and Wiki Zach work for China? I do not know. There are millions of AGW Terrorists who believe we are all going to die in a mere few years. Seriously. They are terrified because Elwood and Wiki ZACH have terrified them.

    The OP of this website has a contrarian opinion and expresses it. Saul Alinsky tactics are used on hims non stop, all day, everyday by Elwood who posts here at least 100 times per day. He most definitely is paid to do so.

    The OP believes in freedom of speech and it is obvious that the AGW Terrorists of which Elwood is quite clearly a member does not believe the same thing.

    • Kye says:

      Even though I disagree with Teach that: “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all” I do respect his opinion. And he certainly does put his money where his mouth is by allowing The Red commenter et al to continue to post at his site with seemingly no ramifications for their errors, omissions and flat out lies. It’s Teaches blog and as such we, the normal God fearing America loving honest commentators respect his policy. Neither Teach nor do we believe in censoring those we disagree with like the Fakebook, Youtub and other fascist/communist sites on which our own subversives previously mentioned would feel more at home. But they would rather come here to spew their vile hate and call us “insurrectionists” for wanting fare elections and demanding answers when we see with our own eyes suspicious goings on just like since we don’t buy into their superstition/cult of MMGW we are called “climate deniers” or if we have questions about the Wuhan scam we’re labeled “vaccine deniers”. They have a pigeonhole name for any and all disagreement. That’s what fascists do.

      Now that the illegally instituted liar is in control of the Junta ruling America from their fortified and armed camp in DC we have soaring gas prices, soaring inflation, high unemployment with pathetic excuses for horrible jobs numbers, once again the Xiden Junta has opened war in the ME and every dead on either side are Xiden’s fault. American’s still dying of the Xiden Plague he assured us would end (another lie) are now compounded by those killed by the vaccine. Millions out of work and tens of thousands of small businesses wiped out by Demofascist Governors and mayors. How many cities were burned last year by demofascist Storm Troopers BLM/Antifa? How many more will burn this year? Yet theses idiots call a protest at the Capitol an “insurrection” when the only casualties were one protester murdered by a Gestapo and some broken doors. Is Elwood that stupid he doesn’t know the difference between a protest and insurrection? We think not. It’s more lies and deliberate covering up of his malfeasance and hate for America.

      Our southern border is another crisis that has caused deaths of Americans and illegals and it’s all the Juntas fault trying to bring in diseased migrants to fraudulently vote and use up the resources of Real Americans. Not to mention spread Wuhan all over.

      Everything the left touches it destroys. They have now thoroughly touched America.

      BTW Red commenter, when I got my first full time job in 1963 I vowed to become a millionaire. According to the governments numbers due to the devaluation of the dollar I would need $8,500,000+ to equal the one million I wanted in today’s vastly eroded dollars. I am currently not anywhere that in total funds and assets therefore I am not a millionaire by my understanding of the word. Fortunately we have our new non-profit and have located our first joint “refugee” residence in Philly. Twin duplexes, 8 bedrooms in all. At only $370,00 for both we should maker a bundle off the fake Junta’s need to hand out money. Thanks again Elwood. My personal rental in Ambler is almost completely full not that that matters since the Feds in their usual foolishness signed a 5/3 year lease and began paying my account on May 1st even without any renters. Thanks again.

      I just love the idea I’m making a small fortune off your illegal Tyrant occupying America. And there’s more to come. My group will continue to buy and rent properties as long as your stupid team continues to pay us to do so. And the cherry? We’re using government loans to by the properties that we get government rent from plus government grants for “improvements”. Gotta love them commies running the Junta.

      Have a great day Elwood and Bless your heart.

    • david7134 says:

      Zach is a debate club. They are all budding lawyers and have a file that is rarely updated on many topics. They love to spout legal data despite the fact it is not well researched and they really don’t understand what they are saying. So remember, they are adolescents, and dumb.

  3. Professor Hale says:

    There are 13 and 17 year cicadas, but they have staggered emergences so in effect there will be cicadas emerging every year. Not as the article suggests, a 12 year gap without cicadas. When they do pop out, they provide tasty snacks for all sorts of animals, including dogs.

    I suspect grub killing pesticides that we put on our lawns are much more responsible for killing cicadas than a potential average temperature change of 1/2 a degree over 100 years, which won’t even be felt underground… where cicadas live.

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