Huh: Young Japanese Look Towards Marx On Climate Crisis (scam) And Pandemic

You would have thought they learned enough about government tyranny during lockdown, but, they now want to apply it to ‘climate change’, because Science

More young Japanese look to Marx amid pandemic and climate crisis

As the global challenge of climate change mounts and the coronavirus pandemic magnifies economic inequalities, Karl Marx, who pointed to the contradictions and limitations of capitalism, is gaining new admirers in Japan, particularly among the young.

The boom was ignited by a 34-year-old associate professor at Osaka City University who re-imagined the theory expounded in the 19th-century German thinker’s seminal “Das Kapital” from the perspective of environmental conservation in a bestselling book published last September.

In it, Kohei Saito argued that the realization of sustainable development goals set by the United Nations is as impossible as “drawing a round triangle” under modern-day capitalism.

The success of the book resulted in an invitation from Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK, to present a commentary on Marx’s foundational theoretical text, known by its full title in English as “Capital: A Critique of Political Economy,” on a program aired in January.

The paperback version of his book “Karl Marx’s Ecosocialism: Capital, Nature, and the Unfinished Critique of Political Economy” is $27.68, the Kindle version is $15.66, and hardback is $95. And that’s for just the English version. Guess he’s good with capitalism when selling his own book.

Younger people, who have no memory of the Cold War or the mass student protests of the 1960s, showed a strong interest in the ideas Saito discussed in the program. Letters poured in from those in their 20s and 30s to NHK Publishing Inc., which had released Saito’s simplified textbook version of Marx’s complex work in the lead-up to the broadcast.

So, wait, he took Marx’s book and simplified it? It’s not his own work? Oh, right, Marxist’s don’t believe in property. Except when they’re profiting off of it. Bet he’d sue if I took it and republished it under my own name, eh?

Saito presents a theory of “degrowth communism” inspired by Marx, in which he argues that society can stop the perpetual cycles of mass production and mass consumption under capitalism by pursuing a more humanistic path prioritizing social and ecological well-being over economic growth.

Mass consumption of his book?

More than 250,000 copies of his Japanese book titled “Capital in the Anthropocene” were published, for which he won the 2021 new book award, selected by editors, bookstore staff and newspaper reporters.

“Maybe many young people got his book because of the influence of Greta Thunberg, who has accused countries and companies of being involved in environmental destruction,” the book’s editor said.

Oh, another book? Which climate cultists love? And purchased? It wasn’t free?

Remember, this is all about Science!

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  1. john says:

    The 50 richest Americans own as much as the bottom 150 million
    Trump have them (and himself) a trillion dollar tax break

    But Teach thinks it is more important to post something about some little known Japanese author

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