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,,,is a wonderful low carbon sailboat in a flooded drought world, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Blazing Cat Fur, with a post on the Left’s war on free speech.

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2 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. Est1950 says:

    One of the reasons I felt it important to send the GOP a message from its base in the GA election was because I knew Biden wouldn’t get a whole lot done in 2 years because of a the Lefts incessant need to make the right appear as racists.

    Sen. Manchin, in Threat to Biden Agenda, Opposes Reconciliation to Pass Legislation Opps buh Bye 2 Trillion Democratic give away. Its just 2x’s as expensive as Obama’s was in 2008.

    DHS’ Mayorkas, In About Face, Advocates for Increase in Deportations……BECAUSE?

    Rep. Burgess Owens told Newsmax TV on Wednesday that there is “chaos” at the southwest U.S. border, and said that President Joe Biden and his administration have shown “cowardice” by not traveling to the area…..This is only a snippet of what is being said in DC under even the lefts BREATH.

    Biden set to finish Trumps Border Wall.

    Trump has kept in place much of President Trumps foreign policy.

    The USA is in talks to return to the Iran Nuclear deal….Folks CHINA is IRANS NEW BEST BUD having just signed a 25 year 500 billion dollar deal with Iran to rebuild and militarize the country making Iran a Humongous threat in the region for the next century if this world survives the next decade.

    SANCTUARY STATES ARE SPRINGING UP ALL OVER THE COUNTRY…..Arizona Gov. Ducey Signs Bill to Block New Federal Gun Laws

  2. Est1950 says:

    Next on the agenda is for sanctuary red states to pull critical race theory from its colleges and high schools. Home schooling has become 3x’s as popular in the last 2 years even before the start of the pandemic and now that people are allowed in many states to go back to work and school moms are keeping their kids home.

    In a dramatic reversal in fortunes for the left people have learned they do not need 2 family incomes quite as much as they thought which is going to drive the tax base down dramatically for the left.

    In the coming decade because of the political split led now by WOKE corporate America this nation is likely to splinter leading to the dissolution of the nation into Red America and Blue America. The Red states will leave the USA to the BLUE STATES which will say fine until they realize that:

    THE FED OWES THE WORLD 200 Trillion Dollars and now BLUE AMERICA is poorer than SOMALIA.

    AS we speak the right is forming alternate tech sites, alternate infrastructure which includes the lack of need for corporate America and a return to mom and pops of yesteryear. The only real Race of people that have a clue is all those WHITE NATIONALISTS which as you all know by now includes HISPANICS, ASIANS, MUSLIMS, CHRISTIANS, HINDUS and others leaving the rest of Blue America to the dumpster fire they have created …WITH the HELP of the GOP….

    Around the world nations are rising up and adopting MAKE THEIR COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN. I spoke before of the new organization consisting of 3 European states called MEGA or MAKE EUROPE GREAT AGAIN, which terrifies RUSSIA so much Putin has massed Troops on the UKRAINE BORDER while Biden wanders the halls of the White House wondering who is president.

    MEGA, MAGA, RED STATES of AMERICA the die is cast. WOKE WALKERS should all be FIRED by corporate America before the destroy their respective companies.

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