Climate Cultists Still Wishing For Lockdown Or Something

Of course, they want Lockdown for everyone else, not themselves

Could Covid lockdown have helped save the planet?

When lockdown began, climate scientists were horrified at the unfolding tragedy, but also intrigued to observe what they called an “inadvertent experiment” on a global scale. To what extent, they asked, would the Earth system respond to the steepest slowdown in human activity since the second world war?

Almost one year on from the first reported Covid case, the short answer is: not enough. In fact, experts say the pandemic may have made some environmental problems worse, though there is still a narrow window of opportunity for something good to come from something bad if governments use their economic stimulus packages to promote a green recovery.

During the northern hemisphere spring, when restrictions were at their strictest, the human footprint softened to a level not seen in decades. Flights halved, road traffic in the UK fell by more than 70%. Industrial emissions in China, the world’s biggest source of carbon, were down about 18% between early February and mid-March – a cut of 250m tonnes. Car use in the United States declined by 40%. So light was humankind’s touch on the Earth that seismologists were able to detect lower vibrations from “cultural noise” than before the pandemic.

They say not enough, but, look what happened. Think they don’t want to do more? Plus all their Statist “green recovery” idiocy?


2020 was meant to be the year of climate action. Instead, it crowned a wasted decade

2020 was supposed to be the watershed moment for action on climate change, the year the world woke up to the challenge and started taking it seriously. Instead, it has symbolically topped a decade of wasted climate promises.

Inspired by a wave of climate activism, national leaders were expected to come up with new, more ambitious plans for how to cut emissions over the next decade.

The coronavirus pandemic has derailed those plans, giving some governments a new excuse to stall. But Covid-19 definitely hasn’t stopped climate change.

This pandemic with all those who got sick, died, lost their jobs, lost their businesses, etc, is just so damned inconvenient for the climate cultists, eh?

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