Climate Cultists Now Coming After 5G

Sure, this is only one French government advisor based on a report from one council, but, how quickly might this spread throughout the Warmist community? Of course, are all the Warmists willing to give up their own acquisition of 5G smartphones?

5G Could Worsen Climate Change, Claims French Government Advisor

The widespread installation of fifth generation cellular broadband networks (5G) will likely increase greenhouse gas emissions over the next ten years, according to France’s High Council on Climate.

The report by the independent government advisory body, commissioned by the French Senate, found that 5G deployment in France would result in between 2.7 and 6.7 million tons of CO2-equivalent in 2030. That’s a significant increase compared to the tech sector’s current total environmental impact – about 15 million tons of CO2-equivalent.

The main impact comes from the manufacturing of the many component parts of 5G infrastructure and the new devices that will be produced to use it. Those devices use raw materials which must be mined, causing more emissions.

So far, much of the opposition to the rollout of 5G towers has been on health grounds, with critics citing unsubstantiated claims that the signals are hurting humans. Some internet conspiracy theories have even said 5G causes the COVID19 pandemic, again without offering any evidence.

In response, French President Emmanuel Macron has doubled down on his commitment to rolling out 5G, saying its critics were subscribing to an “Amish model” of living. “We’re going to explain, to debate, to put an end to all the false ideas but yes, France will make the 5G shift,” he said at a tech event in Paris in September.

I wonder how long till his tune changes based on climate cult beliefs?

Critics say the High Council on Climate’s report casts a wide net to encompass emissions that might happen whether or not 5G is rolled out. For example, it counts the emissions caused by manufacturing new 5G-compatible smartphones and the construction of telecoms infrastructure and data centers. It also factors in an expected increase in electricity consumption, assuming an increase in internet use as a result of the faster speeds.

Most stuff climate cult casts way too wide of a net. They’re using a giant trawler net instead of a little one used for a 5 gallon guppy tank. It’s the norm for these folks. Will they start going after 5G in force? Or leave it alone, and then start demanding people pay taxes/fees as carbon offsets? Once the Cult of Climastrology starts on something, they do not ever stop.

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2 Responses to “Climate Cultists Now Coming After 5G”

  1. Dana says:

    Monsieur Macron told the truth, sort of:

    In response, French President Emmanuel Macron has doubled down on his commitment to rolling out 5G, saying its critics were subscribing to an “Amish model” of living.

    The truth is that the warmunists somehow think an “Amish model” of consumption won’t lead to an Amish lifestyle, because they’re idiots.

  2. Got me to look to see how they could possibly say switching to different bandwidths for faster data was going to cause more warming.

    They assume that the companies that will manufacture the 5G hardware won’t manufacture something else? Those companies will just close the doors shut down and everyone goes home?

    They never consider that for industrial uses, faster data means they’ll operate less and save power? Create less emissions? As if it matters either way.

    Hard to imagine that level of stupid.

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