NY Times: Here’s What Happens When You Get Vaccinated

What are your bets on what happens?

What You Can Do Post-Vaccine, and When

Vaccines are here, bringing hope of the pandemic’s end. But even when you get your dose, it won’t mean an immediate return to life as you knew it.

Scientists cite several reasons for staying masked and cautious as you start your post-vaccine life. Vaccines don’t offer perfect protection; we don’t yet know whether vaccinated people can spread the virus; and coronavirus is likely to continue its rapid spread until a large majority of the population is vaccinated or has survived a natural infection.

Because vaccines will not be a ticket back to 2019, Uma Karmarkar, a neuroeconomist at the University of California, San Diego, recommends that people think about “how we are moving forward” instead of “getting back to normal.” (Neuroeconomics bridges neuroscience, psychology and economics.)

Vaccination provides you and society the best way to move forward. Some parts of life will begin to feel different as soon as the vaccine kicks in. Other changes will take longer. When it comes to thinking about what’s safe, it may help to think of post-vaccine life in several phases.

What’s safer to do once I’m vaccinated?

When people are fully vaccinated (a week or two after the second dose), but most others aren’t yet, their lives probably shouldn’t change very much, experts say. It will most likely be safer for them to do things like visit the grocery store or the post office. But vaccinated people should still wear masks and avoid large groups and indoor gatherings.

Hmm, doesn’t really seem like much of a change

What’s safer to do once my friends and family are vaccinated?

If you and the people you want to see are all vaccinated, it should be safer to socialize with them, including indoors, experts said. But being in large groups or traveling, when there’s no way to know if the people around you have been vaccinated, will remain risky, they said.

Eric Lofgren, an infectious disease epidemiologist at Washington State University, said at that point, he would restart in-person board game nights and one-on-one meetings with students, but he wouldn’t fly on vacation or go to a movie theater.

“Immunity is not an on/off switch; it’s a dial,” he said. “If you’re below herd immunity, the virus is still happily circulating in the population and there’s always a chance the vaccine isn’t working for you.”

You know, it might seem common sense, but, in this day and age and after all the government Covid authoritarianism this year, does it seem like they are reaching for ways to keep controlling everyone? And once we have at least 70% immunized and/or with acquired immunity, what happens?

Scientists also say it’s unlikely that life will look exactly like 2019 again. In the new normal, there may be more mask-wearing during flu season or in crowded places because awareness has been raised. And there will probably be more systems in place to prevent pandemics from being as deadly, Castor said. These include methods for tracking emerging infections and screening before activities like flying.

Seems more like they are looking for reasons to continue controlling citizens, eh?

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4 Responses to “NY Times: Here’s What Happens When You Get Vaccinated”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach, thanks for linking the NYT article.

    We fully understand the NuCon belief that the pandemic is an international communist “trigger event” to usher in the downfall of Western society and culture.

    What “normies” need to realize is the religious-like, cultish belief of NuCons that there exists a group of global elites who are coordinating all governments, religions, scientific and medical organizations, the militaries, central banks, major corporations, boards of directors etc… and importantly, that Donald J. Trump is the disruptor, the savior, the chosen, the last chance to stop the Illuminati, the Dems, the Clintons, the Fed, WHO, CDC, China, pedophiles, World Bank, Hollywood, diversity…

    Normies underestimate this undercurrent that fuels the passions of the NuCons. This is their core. They feel under attack and Trump is their Savior.

  2. Bill589 says:

    The same ones selling us the phony panic are selling us its vaccine.
    I’ll have neither.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      I highly recommend that NO conservative take the vaccine.

      Liar. Truth to a conservative is like a cross to vampire.

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