Say, What Would China Joe’s Net Zero World Look Like?

What hyper-Warmist Chris Mooney fails to mention is that all the elites will continue to fly their fossil fueled jets, cruise in their fossil fueled yachts, and drive in their fossil fueled limos while living in their mega-mansions with their manicured lawns while eating expensive, imported food, all while the non-elites will suffer

Biden wants the U.S. to stop contributing to climate change by 2050. Here’s what that would actually take.

The year is 2050, and everything in your home — perhaps in your entire life — is electric.

Your car runs on battery power. Your home heating runs through a highly efficient heat-pump system that has long since replaced the gas furnace. Not even the burners on your stove produce combustion or flames any longer.

And all of it is powered by an array of solar and sometimes distant wind installations, which route electricity across the country thanks to a gargantuan network of power lines that triples the scale of the United States’ current transmission infrastructure. You see them — the panels, the turbines, the lines — everywhere you drive, everywhere you go.

By 2050, in President-elect Joe Biden’s vision of the country — even more ambitious than what the Obama administration proposed — the United States would no longer be putting greenhouse gases into the air. And for that to happen, it is likely that our world would have to look a lot like what was just described.

And what, exactly, is the cost of all this? What’s the cost of that heat-pump system? Unless you can afford almost $40k and up for a vehicle, you won’t be driving. You can essentially kiss goodbye all those in the gig-economy doing deliveries and rides, because they won’t be able to afford those vehicles. Perhaps we’ll all be taking long commutes on battery powered scooters, or those little electric vehicles like they make tourists use in Bermuda.

Of course, unemployment will be sky high, so, a huge percentage won’t have to worry about going to work. Huge sectors of the economy will be put out of work, some forcibly.

In Joe’s World all those suburban and rural areas will be forced to slap up wind turbines and solar farms all over, ruining property values and destroying the landscape. Warmists, of course, do not want this stuff near them and ruining their views.

That is the gist of what an extremely detailed study from energy experts at Princeton University describes in 344 exacting slides outlining what it would take for the United States to be “net zero” in 30 years — meaning any remaining greenhouse gas emissions would be offset by subtractions through forests, agriculture or perhaps directly sucking carbon from the air.

“The costs are affordable, the tool kit is there, but the scale of transformation across the country is significant,” said Jesse Jenkins, a Princeton professor and one of three leaders of the study, along with the university’s Eric Larson and Christopher Greig. “This is a major national undertaking that will only happen if we have the right national commitment.”

So, let me ask: what if 49% of us do not want to participate with this? Will we be force? What say those who are Believers start by changing their own life? What about China Joe and his people, oh, and the Washington Post, start using pure electric vehicles for their operations?

And hands will be tied not only by national politics, Tierney noted. There could be all kinds of “friction” that energy system modelers say they’re not able to include in their scenarios, she said: Legal issues. Permitting issues. Changes in consumer behavior, or resistance to changes. People wanting to keep their gas burners on their stoves, for instance, or not wanting to buy an electric car.

You will not be allowed a choice, Comrades.

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10 Responses to “Say, What Would China Joe’s Net Zero World Look Like?”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach alleges: “…elites will continue to fly their fossil fueled jets, cruise in their fossil fueled yachts, and drive in their fossil fueled limos while living in their mega-mansions with their manicured lawns while eating expensive, imported food… ”

    Wow, Teach is now attacking the wealthy, a group he used to call “job creators”. Are we all populists now? Occupy Wall Street!!!

    Same as it ever was. Living rich is easier than living poor. The Trumps, the Kushners, Kochs, DeVos’s, Loefflers, Mars’s, Waltons, Perdues, Adelsons, Romneys, etc will continue their “let them eat cake” lifestyles… but the extra they will pay in taxes for their luxuries will help working class Americans.

    Here’s what the conservative elites oppose:

    Providing more affordable access to health care
    Raising the minimum wage
    Expanding living wage jobs via investments in infrastructure and sustainable energy
    Making college more affordable
    Expanding access to child care and pre-K
    Protecting and strengthening Social Security

    They’re afraid a better society will cost them. The only way to keep them solvent is to CUT their taxes, which is why they support Republicans.

  2. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host concluded:

    You will not be allowed a choice, Comrades.

    As I have said many times before, the left are pro-choice on exactly one thing.

    I did find a photo you might want to save and use for blog illustrations:

  3. Dana says:

    Crap! Messed up the embed:

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach frets: You will not be allowed a choice, Comrades

    Decades ago, we could have listened to the scientists and added a tax on fossil fuels to bring their price to more reflect their total actual costs. Now we’ll need to pay for global warming remediation, e.g., moving coastal cities inland, new seawalls, levees, refugees, redistribution of farmlands etc

    Or you could continue to vote for deniers such as DJ Trump.

    • Jl says:

      More dire assertions from J without…you guessed it, proof! “Added a tax on fossil fuels to more reflect their cost.” What “cost”? . By the way, there’s already a federal gas tax on gasoline of 18.4 cents. Add that to state gas taxes that average out at about 26 cents per gallon, and you have at least 80 billion dollars going right back to the government. And this doesn’t include taxes on diesel or aviation gas taxes.

  5. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host asked:

    What’s the cost of that heat-pump system?

    I have a heat pump system, and it’s sufficient when it gets down into the forties, or even the thirties.

    But, our first winter here, we got into the single digits, with a few mornings in the negative single digits. The heat pump ran continuously, but it was very much uncomfortably cool in the house. And our sparktricity bills for January and February were over $400, to pay to our coal-burning power plant.

    Heat pumps extract heat from the outside air, and pump it inside to warm the house. Of course, the less heat available in the outside air, the less available for the inside. Geothermal systems, which extract heat from the nearly constant temperature underground, are far more efficient, but they are also far more expensive.

    Subsequent winters haven’t been quite as cold, to be sure, but with our combination of the heat pump and the propane fireplace, we haven’t been paying anywhere close to $400 combined. Our range and hot water heater are also propane now, further reducing the electric bill, but, as noted, the combined electricity and propane bills are far less than $400. I just paid, as of ten minutes ago, the electric bill, and it was just $120.nn. (I don’t remember the exact pennies.) Last propane fill up was $272.22, but that was in mid-October, first fill-up since April.

    • Dana says:

      That reminded me to go check the propane tank; it was 45% full. The propane company suggests ordering when we get below 30%.

  6. Hairy says:

    Teach the price of solar will continue to fall
    Yet you think tgat energy will be MORE. Expensive in the future Planes with electric motors will cost 2/3 less to operate, just like electric cars will
    Dana “your” coal fired plant ?? Do you mean the power plant located nearest your hiuse but of course you are connected into the national grid so of course your power comes from an assortment of places
    Most coal plants must shut down for 2 weeks or more each year for maintenance when “your” plant shuts down do you still get power ? Most power companies like Teach’s Duke Power are phasing our coal because it is more expensive than natural gas or renewables, what plans does your local company have for that plant ? They generally have a service life of about 30years

  7. Fake Pres Xiden says:

    Hairy, where the hell do you come up with these ridiculous prognostications, Mad Magazine?
    You, like the rest of your ilk, will not be around to be held accountable for this monstrosity. You never are. “Planes with electric motors” will cost zero to operate because there won’t be any. At least not commercial airliners. Perhaps a few small private planes with limited range but that’s it.

    Well, time will tell.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Well he is confined to the nervous hospital in Queens and has computer privileges.

      Just sayin’.


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