Climate Cultists Say China Joe Rejoining Paris Climate Agreement Isn’t Enough Or Something

In all fairness, lots and lots of climate cultists were applauding the passage of the Paris Climate (scam) Agreement while also saying that it didn’t go far enough. And then they all jumped into fossil fueled vehicles to travel to the airport where they took a fossil fueled airplane trip after their working vacation in Paris

Biden intends to rejoin the Paris Agreement, but climate activists say that’s not enough

One of President-elect Joe Biden’s first acts after being sworn in on Jan. 20 will be to rejoin the Paris climate agreement, a nonbinding pact signed by nearly 200 nations that, at President Trump’s direction, the U.S. exited on Nov. 4.

Since Biden has pledged to “take drastic action right now” to address climate change, the question remains whether he and newly appointed special climate envoy John Kerry will seek to strengthen the Paris Agreement commitments agreed to by the Obama administration — which Republicans say are already too tough and will hobble the U.S. economy.

Yet international climate change advocates are already pressuring the new administration to think bigger on cutting emissions.

“The U.S. rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement is just the first step, but in order for Biden to meet the scale of the climate crisis, we must see the U.S. commit to great ambitions to reduce carbon emissions, phase out fossil fuels, and bring forward a carbon neutral economy powered on renewables,” Thanu Yakupitiyage, U.S. communications director at, told Yahoo News in a written statement. “The Biden-Harris Administration have an enormous opportunity to be a leader on climate and we will be pushing them to not only keep their promises, but go beyond.”

Warmists are never satisfied, and they never seem to practice what they preach, either. I suggest that we initiate projects in certain areas to see how this would work. Test-beds. We can start with the areas that sued fossil fuels companies, such as “Rhode Island, New York City, Baltimore, eight coastal California cities and counties, three Colorado cities and counties, and a Washington county”, along with Honolulu and Maui. Let’s see how well they do without using fossil fuels. They will have to get rid of their airports. How do people get around except on very expensive non-fossil fueled buses, because most will not be able to afford EVs? How do they bring in food and goods? Where will they put all the solar panels and wind turbines? Should be fun to see how NYC survives, as well as Honolulu and Maui, which cannot do anything without tourism money, and most food has to come from elsewhere. Sailing ships?

The U.S. is not alone in laying out ambitious targets. The European Union, which has already reduced emissions by 24 percent, has also set a goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2050. China, the world’s leading emitter of greenhouse gases, has released a plan to become carbon-neutral by 2060.

The thing is, most nations, especially 1st World ones, who have laid out plans aren’t coming close to hitting their targets. Of course, most of their big targets are decades away, as nations realize they cannot destroy their economies for a scam. What Trump should do is send the Paris Climate Agreement to the Senate for a vote, as we know it would be rejected, making it much, much harder for U.S. courts to support it being a “legislatively tossed treaty.” Remember, Paris has no force of law, it is strictly voluntary, but, Warmists are not treating it as such, and will attempt to use the power of the courts to compel Other People to comply.

Never themselves, though. They have lives to live and shouldn’t be burdened.

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2 Responses to “Climate Cultists Say China Joe Rejoining Paris Climate Agreement Isn’t Enough Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    I have also argued that the Senate should take up the Paris agreement, but I don’t think that President Trump can do it; since we’ve already withdrawn from the silly thing, there’s nothing for the Senate to ratify. But, if the incoming [shudder!] President ‘re-signs’ it, then Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) should simply take the agreement, declare it to be a treaty requiring Senate approval and hold a ratification vote. Requiring a 2/3 majority to ratify it, the abysmal thing would be rejected.

    But, of course, it wouldn’t be rejected, because we would have the very amusing theater of the Democrats filibustering consideration of an agreement signed by President Obama and then ‘re-signed’ by Joe Biden.

    I made the same argument back when the younger President Bush withdrew our signature from the Kyoto Accords. That was specifically a treaty, but President Clinton never submitted it to the Senate for ratification, because he knew it would be rejected. Mr Bush should have, rather than withdrawing our signature, submitted it to the Senate for a ratification vote.

  2. Blue Turtles says:

    Send all of the climate Nazis to China and India to fight the climate crimes there.

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