Ivanka Visits National Park, Unhinged Lefties Go Unhinged

Then again, is there anything that doesn’t cause them to get unhinged? Well, rioting, arson, assault, vandalism, and property destruction against certain federal employees is OK, but, visiting a national park? People are ticked!

Ivanka Trump Visits National Park In The Middle Of Pandemic, And People Are Ticked

Twitter users are annoyed over Ivanka Trump’s visit to a national park amid the coronavirus pandemic for what appeared to be a photo opportunity.

Critics tore into President Donald Trump’s daughter and adviser after she tweeted photographs on Thursday of herself celebrating the passage of The Great American Outdoors Act at the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

Trump hailed the widely welcomed bipartisan legislation, which her father has said he will sign, to address maintenance backlogs in national parks and secure funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, with this post:

But, see, unhinged leftards cannot even celebrate visiting a national park nor Trump signing the bipartisan legislation without going bat guano insane

But her detractors questioned she was there in the first place.

They also accused the White House of “greenwashing,” given its decidedly anti-environmental agenda and previous attempts to gut the Land and Water Conservation Fund of its funding almost altogether.

Some even put their own spin on what the pandemic ― that has now killed more than 140,000 people in the United States — had really made them value.

“The pandemic has made us value, now more than ever, decency, integrity, honesty…all the things you aren’t capable of,” said one Twitter user, referencing the Trump administration’s disastrous handling of the public health crisis.

There are a lot more tweets at the story with them losing their shit. Because that’s what people do these days.

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