If All You See…

…are shades needed to keep the heat out from climate change, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Weasel Zippers, with a post on the Portland cult singing “hands up, don’t shoot me”

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5 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. formwiz says:

    Too cute to keep.

    Remember how Jeffery calls keeping voter rolls clean of dead people and those who moved out of state suppressing the vote?

    Well, it turns out Gropin’ Joe’s people are accusing him of the same thing And that’s just for openers.

    Organizers claim that the Coordinated Campaign lacks key infrastructure and perpetuates a “toxic” work culture that is hurting morale among on-the-ground staffers; IOW the campaign is a reflection of Gropin’ Joe’s perpetual racism and is organized as well as all of his other runs at the top spot.

    The campaign is suppressing the Hispanic vote by removing Spanish-speaking organizers from Central Florida without explanation, according to the organizers. This may or may not be a crock, depending on whether the Gropin’ people, like so many Lefties, regard Hispanics as interchangeable or are just incompetent and trying to plug leaks in the dyke.

    The 94 signatories are responsible for the day-to-day outreach of potential voters, including phone banking and community organizing to campaign for candidates at the local, statewide and presidential levels, so this is a big deal in a state like FL.

    Some field organizers attribute the lack of the communication in part to a generational gap within the party’s structure, which would make sense, given VP Malarkey’s singular ability to be out of touch.

    Biottom line is, this is one state, but an important one. If stuff like this is going on in FL and news has to be leaked out, how many other states are in this much trouble?

    We’re 4 months out and Der Fuhrer is sending the Panzers to the Ukraine when they’re needed for the dash to Moscow before the weather turns.

    • Kye says:

      From what my Democrat operative tells me they are going to rely on three things:
      1. Vote harvesting on a super big scale
      2. Forcing the FEC to adopt mail in voting as a “temporary” measure due to the flu.
      3. 600 Lawyers spread among the states to pounce on any close races not called in the Democrats favor.

      They’re planning to drag aout the election “results” as long as needed to generate enough mail in votes to win in a landslide thereby screaming it’s a mandate to enact every hair brained idea the left has. This is from my oldest Dem friend who is just dying to scream “trump lost” in my face. Funny thing is he doesn’t like Creepy Joe and he hates the leftist meme but he’s one of those die-hard Democrats that won’t switch. Same goes for his obnoxious wife.

      Trump 2020 Let’s giv’em something to cry about.

      This is Elwood’s dilemma:

      • formwiz says:

        Problem is, the Demos showed their hand 2 years ago, so it’s unlikely they can swing the way they want without getting caught. And “forcing the FEC” shows your friend doesn’t know what he’s talking about – they’re mostly campaign finance, etc. Besides it would only work if you have enough of your people of your side to swing it. Right now, the only active member is a Trump appointee.

        Second, vote fraud only swings close elections where a few thousand votes can be manufactured. If this turns out to be the rerun of ’68 + ’72, or even ’84, they’ll be so swamped, they won’t be able to cover everything.

        And Trump is spending big bucks on his ground game, he has 1500 to the Demos’ 600. If the FL story is in any way representative of the situation elsewhere, and I think it is, the demos are in big trouble.


  2. Kye says:

    Well, I don’t think they care if they get caught. They haven’t so far. And regardless of which agency controls the balloting, the left is pushing for mail in ballots. Now you know that can only mean total corruption. They wouldn’t want mail ins if it controlled dishonest voting practices now would they? Just like their harvesting scam. And they always scream “voter suppression” for any reason. No portable toilets, voter suppression, checking ID, voter suppression, no free face masks , voter suppression.

    BTW, a few thousand votes is all they need. IN EACH DISTRICT!! It ends up being millions. You need to understand how nefarious and devious these commies are. The important thing is to remember the “FL story” or any other doesn’t matter if we take anything for granted. I’m going to do what I did in 2016 and drive as many people to the polls as I can.

    Trump 2020 Get out the vote!


  3. formwiz says:

    I understand exactly how nefarious they are, but there are a great many districts where they won’t have a say in how the counting is done.

    A lot of fake votes in West Philly won’t swing the state if the state goes hard for Trump. They have to control a lot of districts in a lot of states for that sort of thing to work.

    States like CA, where the governor has been a jerk, aren’t going to be the pushover they were 4 years ago. There is an active reason for voters to send a message to the state capital.

    As for getting caught, I see they nailed Ozzie Myers.


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