Democrats Set To Reveal Their Climate Crisis (scam) Legislation

Serendipidously, we’re going right back to the well of the DNC and the UK Guardian. Mitch McConnell should immediately put their bill up for a vote, get the Senate Democrats to go on the record. Well, as much as voting “present” is on the record

Democrats to unveil bold new climate plan to phase out emissions by 2050

House Democrats will unveil an aggressive climate crisis “action plan” on Tuesday to nearly eliminate US emissions by 2050, according to summary documents reviewed by the Guardian.

The net-zero emissions goal is what United Nations leaders and the scientific community say the world must achieve to avoid the worst of rising temperatures, and it’s what the Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, says he would pursue if he were to win the White House in November.

I triple dog dare Joe Biden and the Democrats to make their 2020 campaigns net-zero emissions. Stop using fossil fuels, for a start

The Democrats’ proposal, referred to in a two-page summary as a “congressional action plan” and a “roadmap”, calls for interim targets to assess progress and make sure fossil fuel pollution is declining, particularly in communities of color that have suffered environmental injustices.

Ah, so it’s really all about patronizing black people and Latinos, who Democrats like to keep down on the plantation, then ignoring them again till they need their votes.

The House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, will announce the plan, compiled by the House select committee on the climate crisis that is chaired by the Florida congresswoman Kathy Castor, at an event in front of the US Capitol on Tuesday morning.

The more than 538-page report will include hundreds of policy recommendations focused on 12 key pillars, according to a separate outline.

Now, those are legislation pages, not book pages, but, still, that is going to be huge. It’s half the size of Obamacare, so, how much climacrazy will be in there? How many restrictions on your life, choice, and liberty? How many that increase your cost of living and taxes?

The proposal outline recommends a clean energy standard for net-zero electricity by 2040 and net-zero new buildings by 2030. It calls for only zero-emitting new vehicles to be sold by 2035, and it advocates for doubling funding for public transit.

How many actual zero-emitting vehicles are there now? Um, zero? How many people actually ride public transit?

Democrats will tout that the plan would provide almost $8tn in climate and health benefits through the middle of the century, but Republicans are sure to zero in on the proposal’s costs, arguing that they will stifle an already struggling economy.

Gee, ya think?

Investments would also be made to stem and respond to climate impacts, including water infrastructure to handle increased flooding and a next-generation 911 system to make sure wireless communications networks are reliable during disasters.

And it will bounce all over the place.

Oil and gas companies would no longer get “unnecessary tax breaks” and the US would place a price on carbon to make companies pay for their pollution. Under the plan, Congress would also implement policies to make sure heavy industries cut pollution in vulnerable communities, so that poor Americans and communities of color do not suffer from the transition.

That sounds like a national carbon tax, will will skyrocket the cost of living. Good luck with this, Dems! Is there a way for House Republicans to force a vote on it, because I’m betting that the Dems have zero interest in actually voting, much like with the Green New Deal. They just want to ClimaVirtue Signal.

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3 Responses to “Democrats Set To Reveal Their Climate Crisis (scam) Legislation”

  1. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host quoted:

    The proposal outline recommends a clean energy standard for net-zero electricity by 2040 and net-zero new buildings by 2030. It calls for only zero-emitting new vehicles to be sold by 2035, and it advocates for doubling funding for public transit.

    I s’pose that’s better than the whacky plans of the Democratic also-rans, Elizabeth Warren, Jay Inslee and Bernie Sanders, who would have required all vehicles sold in the US to be emissions-free by 2030.

    But, as always, it ignores the fact that so many Americans have no place to park their mandated plug-in electric vehicles to be able to recharge them overnight. Our host lives in a condominium; does he have a dedicated garage in which he could install a 240 volt, 50 amp Level 2 electric car charger? Even if he does, does the esteemed Mr Teach have the knowledge, skills and tools with which to install such a device, or would he have to hire a sparktrician — at probably more than $2,000 — to do the installation for him?

    Of course, our host works at a car dealership, where the business would probably install such chargers for employees to use . . . for a price. His Chevy Dolt could recharge while he’s trying to sell the last diesel-powered Hummer on the lot to a good ol’ Carolina boy. But there are a lot of people who don’t work at such established locations; construction workers, for example, travel to different jobsites daily, and if they can’t recharge at home, they’d be dependent upon the electric charging stations, which can take up to 75 minutes.

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