Liberal Privilege Fail: Child Sexually Assaulted In Powderhorn Park

Hey, remember the story the other day about uber-white liberals in Minneapolis pledging not to call the police, even with all the masses of homeless moving into Powderhorn Park?

But times have changed. After the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police, Ms. Albers, who is white, and many of her progressive neighbors have vowed to avoid calling law enforcement into their community. Doing so, they believed, would add to the pain that black residents of Minneapolis were feeling and could put them in danger.


Already, that commitment is being challenged. Two weeks ago, dozens of multicolored tents appeared in the neighborhood park. They were brought by homeless people who were displaced during the unrest that gripped the city. The multiracial group of roughly 300 new residents seems to grow larger and more entrenched every day. They do laundry, listen to music and strategize about how to find permanent housing. Some are hampered by mental illness, addiction or both.

But, they’re still working hard to check their white liberal privilege

Reports: Child sexually assaulted at Powderhorn Park encampment

A child was sexually assaulted at Powderhorn Park, site of a controversial homeless encampment that sprung up in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the unrest following the death of George Floyd.

Multiple reports say the victim was molested this past week at the park, which is located in south Minneapolis.

People at the park brought the victim to Abbott Northwestern Hospital early Friday, prompting staff to notify the police, KSTP reports.  

The station says no arrest has been made yet, and that there’s not much information about the suspect.

That’s right, someone brought the child to the hospital, but did not call law enforcement. The hospital call the police, as they are required to do by law. Liberals have gone from being a mental disorder to being downright dangerous.

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