The Protests And ‘Climate Change” Are Connected Or Something

Does this mean the looting and rioting are also connected to the climate crisis (scam)? Or is it just that the climate cultists want to hijack the Black Lives Matter movement?

A Green New Deal architect explains how the protests and climate crisis are connected

Demands for climate action have largely faded into the background as the covid-19 pandemic, the economic meltdown, and widespread protests over police brutality have seized the world’s attention.

But for Rhiana Gunn-Wright, the director of climate policy at the Roosevelt Institute and one of the architects of the Green New Deal, the issues are inextricably intertwined. You can’t appreciate the real toll of the fossil-fuel sector if you’re not looking at it through the lenses of racial justice, economic inequality, and public health, she says in an interview with MIT Technology Review.

In other words, if you can’t look at this from a view of Victimhoodology, well, you just suck, you know

People of color are more likely to live near power plants and other polluting factories, and they suffer higher levels of asthma and greater risks of early death from air pollution. The coronavirus death rate among black Americans is more than twice that of whites. And global warming and factory farming practices will release more deadly pathogens and reshape the range of infectious diseases, Gunn-Wright argued in April in a New York Times op-ed  titled “Think This Pandemic Is Bad? We Have Another Crisis Coming.”

It’s interesting that this tends to happen in areas run by Democrats. It’s almost like the party of the KKK, segregation, and Jim Crow now give poor blacks housing and government funded neighborhoods in less than desirable areas because they still think poorly of blacks.

One critique of the Green New Deal was that it took on too much, multiplying the difficulty of making progress on any one of the deeply polarized issues it addressed. But Gunn-Wright argues that this was its strength: tying together these seemingly distinct causes into a sweeping policy package underscored the connections between them and helped build a broader coalition of supporters behind them.

In the interview that follows, she says everything that’s happened in 2020 has only deepened those convictions.

Of course she does. Perhaps she can explain why every Democratic Party senator voted present on the GND? And why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez refuses to demand a vote on it in the House? Here’s her words in the interview

We were essentially saying that climate change is not just a technical problem. It’s not just an issue of emissions. It’s an issue of the systems that have allowed an industry that essentially poisons people to continue, and to do so even as it further and further imperils our survival, both as a nation and as a globe. It comes down to issues of race and class and place.

And so this moment actually makes me glad that we did that work before. Because it has meant that some groups that are seen solely as climate, like the Sunrise Movement, have invested in this set of uprisings. They’re working with the Movement for Black Lives to get their members out to protest, to connect them to actions, to help them understand how climate is connected to this.

So why are none of these Warmists giving up their own use of fossil fuels and non-renewable energy themselves if it is essentially racist?

Q: What can the climate community do to be more inclusive and more responsive to other social justice issues?

One is hire people of color. And particularly people of color who don’t have the same educational background as I think is common in climate or policy work in general.

What if blacks do not want to work for the climate community as agitators and such? Should they be forced? Because we’ve long known that most of the people involved are overwhelmingly white, upper middle class to rich, and 1st worlders.

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