LA Times Boss Deems “Looting” To Be Raaaaacist

The definition of loot from Miriam Webster in this context: something appropriated illegally often by force or violence

As a verb: to plunder or sack in war; to rob especially on a large scale and usually by violence or corruption

Synonyms are: despoil, maraud, pillage, plunder, ransack, sack.

They say the first use was in 1788, but that it goes back to Hindi & Urdu word lūṭ; akin to Sanskrit luṇṭati he plunders

LA Times executive editor says the word ‘looting’ has racist connotation

On Tuesday’s PBS NewsHour, there was a panel discussion about black representation in the newsroom and how recent controversies like at The New York Times would not have happened if black journalists were “at the table.”

Pearlstein then shed light on a debate that occurred at his own paper.

“One of the active debates we had over the past week was about the use of the word “looting” to describe the destruction of property,” Pearlstein said. “The feeling among the black journalists at The Los Angeles Times who frankly educated the rest of us to the fact that looting had a pejorative racist connotation and that comparing it to the kind of behavior of the police and the kind of behavior that we witnessed really was a false equivalency and yet it was one that we were making as journalists if you picked up a copy of our paper.”

National Association of Black Journalists president Dorothy Tucker called the conversation “interesting,” adding that the word “riot” falls in a “similar” category as the word “looting.

Would they be OK with using the word “pillaging”? How about plundering? But, you know, everything is now raaaaacist if it shows blacks in a negative light. If we were talking about whites looting and rioting, would that be OK? What about Hispanics? Asians? There were definitely a bunch of whites involved in the George Floyd riots and looting.

What would they have us call the systemic theft of of property from stores that occurred during so many of the protests turned violent? Riot: “a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd”.

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6 Responses to “LA Times Boss Deems “Looting” To Be Raaaaacist”

  1. RobM1981 says:

    The editor is correct. In the USA, looting absolutely is associated with the Black Community.

    This is called “seeing patterns, recognizing patterns, and acknowledging patterns.”

    It is how humans and all animals survive.

    Once upon a time, in England, looting was associated with Vikings – and for good reason.

    This is no different. Blacks riot; blacks loot. In 20th and 21st Century America that’s just a fact.

    What is it about “facts” that get liberals so upset? I thought that global warming was all “science based,” right? Science is based on facts. In our society, riots are overwhelmingly a black phenomenon.

    You don’t like it, change the phenomenon.

  2. Kye says:

    Just to show how well blacks loot and hoe thoroughly they plunder here’s a short video showing how they turned Minneapolis into Detroit in only ONE WEEK.

    Trump 2020 Take our cities back from the communist and BLM invaders.

  3. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    It’s not really looting per se, just consider it reparations and it’s all good yo.


  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Did any Black looter walk away with $564,700? Pretty unlikely. Some millionaires have.

    TRILLIONS of USD are being doled out to corporations large and small with little oversight. The Fed has “created” and injected TRILLIONS of USD into the “markets” to keep shareholders and execs fat and happy.

    But a poor man stealing a 42″ TV is the end of America.

    • Kye says:

      I kenew that would trigger you you little toady!!! Hey idiot. I didn’t “walk away with $564,700”. You do understand it’s a loan, right? That BARELY reimburses my wife’s expenses with no income and finances a plan to reopen. Do you think after 4 months all the customers will just run back in? We estimate about 40% fewer customers for some time since the commies have done such a good job of scaring the bejeesers out of people they’re afraid to come back. Plus it will cost about $4,000 a week in blitz advertising just to let everyone know we’re back. If you recall, you business illiterate ass, this was to be our break even year. Well surprise, surprise, it won’t be. In fact I see a loss of about $150k even with the SBA loan.

      BTW, a poor man stealing a loaf of bread is a shame but a poor man stealing a 42″ TV is a fukin’ thief stealing the FOOD OFF SOMEONE ELSES TABLE, you ignorant shit!

      Man you’re a hateful, envious bastard.

      Trump 2020 More TV’s for the thieves!!!

      Your black “brotha’s and sista’s” :
      “Adding to the bloodiest day in Chicago since 1961, Los Angeles is reporting that the over two-week wave of terror that has ripped through Democrat-controlled cities has resulted in a massive spike in murders and other violent crime. Waiting for the media to add the word “unexpectedly” to the headlines. If they report it at all. Meh, they’ll blame Trump, white people, Jews, capitalism and the fact that Robert E. Lee’s statue is still standing on the other side of the country. But why even wait for that? An entire Seattle police station was literally surrendered to Vanilla ISIS, otherwise known as Antifa, who then cordoned off the area and effectively seceded from the United States.”*


      Ahh, Democrats. Traitors then and nothin’s changed now. Right Elwwod?

    • formwiz says:

      Poor men? They’re being paid to do it. Just like Ferg. At least now they’ve learned to get the money up front because Dr Evil will stiff them, otherwise.

      Doesn’t that make you angry?

      And, if not, why not?

      Did any Black looter walk away with $564,700? Pretty unlikely. Some millionaires have.

      Care to name one?

      And a black looter with a pickup truck or an SUV could easily walk away with a half mil if he cleaned out a Best Buy or a Pandora.

      How’s ’bout what he can get for the food he looted that turned black neighborhoods into food deserts? Ya know Mike Ozero is real concerned about food deserts. One of the few things that takes away that projection in the front of her pants.

      TRILLIONS of USD are being doled out to corporations large and small with little oversight. The Fed has “created” and injected TRILLIONS of USD into the “markets” to keep shareholders and execs fat and happy.

      Was there any oversight when you tried to scam the Feds out of a few grants? But it looks like there’s plenty of oversight now since there are plenty of cases in Fake News about comanies having to return money.

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