DNC Climate Committee Looks To Spend $10-$16 Trillion On Climate Crisis (scam)

If Joe Biden thought his little climate bedwetting plan was going to excite Warmist, well, nope. Hard left Modern Socialists always want more. Not from themselves, mind you, always from That Guy

This DNC council sees Biden’s climate plan, and raises him — by $14 trillion

Bernie may be out of the primaries, but his $16 trillion climate plan lives on.

Last week, a Democratic National Committee (DNC) council proposed that the federal government spend a whopping $10 to 16 trillion addressing the climate crisis over the next 10 years. The group — officially called the DNC Council on the Environment and the Climate Crisis — is chaired by Michelle Deatrick, who was a surrogate for the Sanders campaign during the Democratic primaries.

Just $10-16 trillion, no biggie. Taxes surely won’t go up, right? The cost of living certainly won’t go up, right? You liberty and choice won’t be limited, right? Here’s an idea: if Democrats believe so heavily in the climate crisis, why don’t they spend their own money? Surely, between all the big companies that support them, all the rich folks like those in tech and Hollywood, all the sports figures who make tens of millions a year and can do without another mansion, all the media folks and companies, all the little folks, they can raise the money, right?

Altogether, the proposal more closely resembles Sanders’ climate plan in policies and scope than Biden’s, which only calls for a piddling $1.7 trillion in climate spending over the next decade.

Biden’s proposal has fallen flat with some progressive voters and environmental groups, many of whom supported Sanders during the primary and who have so far refused to throw their weight behind the Biden campaign without significant policy concessions. “We’ve tried to be super clear about the way that we need them to improve on not only their climate policy but their immigration, criminal justice, and financial regulation policies,” Sunrise Movement co-founder and executive director Varshini Prakash told Vice News in April.

The watermelon colored alligator will always demand more. You cannot satisfying it.

Say, why won’t Democrats give up their own use of fossil fuels? They could make a big statement by banning the use of fossil fueled vehicles to bring people to this years DNC convention, no fossil fueled airplanes, all goods must not use fossil fuels to bring them in.

That plan essentially is calling for the federal government to control 50% of all US lands and oceans by 2050 (page 1). What could possibly go wrong?

Commit to ambitious short- and long-term emissions and renewable energy targets: near-zero emissions by 2040; 100% clean renewable energy by 2030 in electricity generation, buildings, and transportation; and 100% zero-carbon new building infrastructure by 2025.

That’s just a pipe dream. They couldn’t run CNN or MSNBC on this. Hollywood would be toast. How would elected Democrats take publicly funded junkets?

End the sale of new fossil fuel vehicles by 2030 through reinstatement and acceleration of stringent fuel economy standards and national vehicle emissions standards, and regulate non-road vehicles, small equipment, and engines at levels consistent with national emissions goals.

That’s great for those who can afford $36,000 for a base model that goes not far. You know, like the rich folks in the DNC who make money off the backs of knowing what policies will be passed by government.

Invest in Green Agriculture and Food

A government takeover of the food and agriculture industries.

Invest in our chronically underfunded public health system, ensure a resilient hospital system, ramp up funding for public health agencies and mental health agencies, and ensure universal access to affordable health care.

Using ‘climate change’ to implement Single Payer.

Stop construction, rescind environmental waivers, and tear down the offensive, racist southern border wall, which is injurious to humans and wildlife.

How about Democrats tear down the racist walls for their homes first? See how they like it? There is a lot more loony with this plan, these are just a few things I’ve yanked.

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2 Responses to “DNC Climate Committee Looks To Spend $10-$16 Trillion On Climate Crisis (scam)”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    We’ve spent about $10 TRILLION the past year in an attempt to maintain the status quo (and to re-elect Trump.

    • formwiz says:

      No, we’ve spent a lot of money to repair all the damage the Demos have done to the economy and the country.

      Do you even care how many suicides lockdown has caused?

      How many do you need to get Gropin’ Joe elected? And that doesn’t take into consideration the lives lost and ruined because of the death of a career thug.

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