Bat Soup Lockdown Over: Over 1,000 Health Professionals Cool With Protesting

Can we stop with all the Coronavirus commercials now, particularly from health companies and featuring health professions? Can we just open up the economy now? Remember when all the health professionals were complaining about how dangerous this all was? Remember when they were complaining about the kids at spring break? How about the reopen protests? Remember when we were told things like

Now, though

Over 1,000 health professionals sign a letter saying, Don’t shut down protests using coronavirus concerns as an excuse

A group of health and medical colleagues has penned an open letter to express their concern that protests around the United States could be shut down under the guise of coronavirus health concerns.

The letter — which went on to draw more than 1,200 signatures — focuses on techniques to reduce harm to people protesting racial injustice.

“We created the letter in response to emerging narratives that seemed to malign demonstrations as risky for the public health because of Covid-19,” according to the letter writers, many of whom are part of the University of Washington’s Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

“Instead, we wanted to present a narrative that prioritizes opposition to racism as vital to the public health, including the epidemic response. We believe that the way forward is not to suppress protests in the name of public health but to respond to protesters demands in the name of public health, thereby addressing multiple public health crises.”

Hey, I have zero problem with protests, I’m all for them if people are upset. I’ve written many posts saying that citizens had the right to protest, both from the federal and their state Constitutions, to protest to reopen the nation, and I won’t be hypocritical in saying the folks now shouldn’t. The Constitution doesn’t just apply to stuff you believe in. As long as it stays peaceful.

Of course, we were told that giant gatherings were Bad. That they spread COVID-19. That we couldn’t go to church. That we couldn’t have a party. That we couldn’t travel anywhere. That we couldn’t go outside and garden. That we couldn’t walk the dog with no one near us or be in our front yards or paddle board in the ocean alone with no one within hundreds of yards of us.

The letter focuses on health guidance for protestors and law enforcement, such as wearing masks, advocating to not hold people who are arrested in close proximity and opposing the use of tear gas for health reasons.

Um, what about close proximity for the actual protesters? The first two things we were told was wash your hands and stay 4 dancing penguins, er, 6 feet apart. Aaaaaaaand if they are supporting Constitutional protesting, why would there be arrests or the need for tear gas?

“However, as public health advocates, we do not condemn these gatherings as risky for COVID-19 transmission. We support them as vital to the national public health and to the threatened health specifically of Black people in the United States. We can show that support by facilitating safest protesting practices without detracting from demonstrators’ ability to gather and demand change. This should not be confused with a permissive stance on all gatherings, particularly protests against stay-home orders.”

Remember when it was risky to drive to a second home? Remember when it was risky to do anything but sit at home and the health professionals told you to stay home and got government to create orders that made you sit at home? In their letter, which is published in full at the link, they write

Prepare for an increased number of infections in the days following a protest. Provide increased access to testing and care for people in the affected communities, especially when they or their family members put themselves at risk by attending protests.

Wasn’t the idea to keep people from getting it? So we were told and locked down over, had businesses shuttered, many businesses which will never re-open. People not earning, people out of work.

There are all sorts of Leftists who are creating Narratives why these protests are OK but the others weren’t. The federal and state constitutions are not just for things you approve of.

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