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European Commission Thinks This Is Totally The Best Time To Enact Hotcoldwetdry Policies

Nothing like taking advantage of sickness, death, misery, people losing their businesses, savings, loved ones, etc, to push their cultish beliefs Climate change: Now is the moment to rebuild better The urgency of actions to recover from the COVID-19 crisis must not deter long-term climate objectives. The recovery efforts must seize the opportunity to increase […]

If All You See…

…is an inland area flooded from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Not A Lot Of People Know That, with a post on a solar farm being able to explode like a small nuclear bomb. Since I have a bunch of tan line photos left, double shot […]

What’s Next For Bat Soup Virus? A Massive Wave Of Bankruptcy Filings

The longer this continues the worse it will be Wave of COVID-19 bankruptcies poses next threat to US economy Larger companies have generally survived the initial blow from the coronavirus crisis, but still face existential challenges to get through what will probably be a long and grinding recovery. Since COVID-19 shuttered much of the global […]

AOC Says Her Green New Deal, Which She Won’t Demand A Vote On, Would Cost $0 If Passed

The Green New Deal was released in February of 2019. To reiterate, every single Democrat in the Senate, including sponsor Ed Markey, voted present when it was put up for a vote. AOC became mad over holding a vote, wondering why the Senate was voting on HER House legislation, forgetting that Markey was the Senate […]

Many North Carolina Sheriff’s Refuse To Stop Indoor Church Services

Many Sheriff’s Offices across the country are slowly starting to say they will no longer enforce many of the Bat Soup Virus restrictions. Especially when it comes to church services More sheriffs plan to stand down and allow indoor religious services Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell said his deputies won’t “interfere or prevent churchgoers to […]

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