If All You See…

…is an inland area flooded from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Not A Lot Of People Know That, with a post on a solar farm being able to explode like a small nuclear bomb.

Since I have a bunch of tan line photos left, double shot time, so, check out Blazing Cat Fur, with a post on Canada turning against trade with China

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3 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. Klemdadiddlehopper says:

    Study after Study After Study.

    VITAMIN D3…..Vitamin D3.

    Take it, Get plenty of sun. If you are dark skinned you need more sun exposure than do lighter skinned people.

    They are even using Vitamin D in the Treatment of Breast Cancer and Prostrate Cancer.

    Please buy and use a Vitamin D3 supplement. Take a good Multivitamin. Get sunlight daily. Don’t need much. 20 minutes a day for a light skinned person. About 40 minutes per day for a dark skinned person.

    Three studies into vitamin D suggest a potential link, but scientists say it’s important to remember…

    BUT SCIENTISTS PAID BY DRUG COMPANIES SAY……….blah, blah, blah because they can’t make any fuking MONEY IF YOUR HEALTHY.

    Every doctor I know and I know a lot of them, Take 2000-4000 IU of Vitamin D and NO you cannot overdose on Vitamin D unlike what some people claim.

    1000 IU is plenty for light skinned people. 2000-3000 IU is plenty for dark skinned people. Study after study of side effects of TOO much Vitamin D turned up an astounding Z E R O side effects other than higher than normal phosphorus and calcium in the body.

    VITAMIN D3……I highly suggest you take it. I have taken it for years and have had Covid-19. Never got any respiratory effects using my Cpap and breathing exercises and only found out I had the virus because I got tested by my doctor Son in Law. Blood work showed a lot of Vitamin D in my blood levels.

    D3 fights off upper rspiratory infections. I’ve said before. Take vitamin D3 supplements OR get LOTS OF SUN each day. 30 minutes 2x or 3x per day.

    • Professor hale says:

      Big pharma has never had a problem getting rich, despite big supplement and big vitamin, and big snake oil also getting unbelievably wealthy. So you need to update your tired old “there’s no money in just being healthy” malarkey.

  2. HMCS(FMF) ret says:



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