European Commission Thinks This Is Totally The Best Time To Enact Hotcoldwetdry Policies

Nothing like taking advantage of sickness, death, misery, people losing their businesses, savings, loved ones, etc, to push their cultish beliefs

Climate change: Now is the moment to rebuild better

The urgency of actions to recover from the COVID-19 crisis must not deter long-term climate objectives. The recovery efforts must seize the opportunity to increase the resilience of our society, especially to climate impacts.

All you darned scared, sick, and dead people out there just need to check your privilege, sit down, and just listen to your political masters

The COVID-19 crisis will put a dent in the climate targets if the restoration efforts are focused on returning to a pre-crisis status quo.

Now is the time to “rebuild better”. This is the moment to introduce ambitions climate mitigation and adaptation measures in the recovery policies.

The European Commission has launched an open public consultation to seek stakeholder views for the design of the new adaptation strategy. (big snip)

The European Green Deal is a response to these challenges. With the Green Deal for Europe, the EU strives to keep our planet healthy and aspires to become the first carbon-neutral continent in the world by 2050.

The European Commission has already set out a clear vision of how to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

What they mean is, this is a clear vision of how Government will make Europeans act and live, but not the big wigs, of course. The EU’s GND version is just as Modern Socialist as the Democrat’s version. The Socialists And Democrats, a seriously Modern Socialist group (meaning authoritarian/Fascist), is all in favor of it.

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