House Passes Insane $3 Trillion Bat Soup Virus Bill On Party Line Vote

It’s chock full of unrelated measures and pork for the liberal base

House Passes $3 Trillion, 1,815-Page Coronavirus Bill

The House passed H.R. 6800, the Heroes Act, with 208 votes in favor of the bill and 199 votes against the measure.

Before the vote, House Democrats blocked Rep. Denver Riggleman’s (R-VA) motion to recommit. The motion, if passed would attach a House Republican amendment to the Heroes Act that would prevent illegal immigrants from receiving the stimulus checks contained in the bill.

The Heroes Act contains many leftist provisions. The bill would order that felons and illegal aliens be freed from prison. The bill would also allow businesses to hire illegal aliens over 33 million unemployed Americans. Breitbart News wrote a primer on the House Democrat Heroes Act. (snip)

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said on the House floor on Friday that Democrats continue to use Americans’ suffering as leverage for their progressive ends.

“America is in a serious crisis — but House Democrats see it as “leverage” to pass their socialist agenda,” he said. “Republicans reject Democrats’ liberal wishlist and will continue to focus on getting Americans back to work safely and defeating this virus,” McCarthy said.

The only Republican who crossed over was NY Rep Peter King, while fourteen Democrats said “nope, this is nuts” and voted against it. And they are trying to give money to illegals and non-citizens

Riggleman noted that among other “progressive agenda items hidden amongst these poison pills is a provision that would change the ID requirement in the CARES Act rebate checks from Social Security number to Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).”

“This switch would allow illegal immigrants and noncitizens to get checks they aren’t eligible for,” Riggleman said. “I didn’t think that a global pandemic meant it was time to stop helping American citizens who are desperate for assistance.”

There is more crazy stuff

Dubbed the HEROES Act, the legislation includes $915 billion in state and local aid that could prevent layoffs of public workers, like first responders and teachers; a new $200 billion “heroes” fund for hazard pay for essential workers; $100 billion for K-12 and higher education and $75 billion for coronavirus testing.

While it seems normal, it is basically a payoff to the government employees who vote Democrat

But tucked into the legislation are provisions that rankled the Republicans, including expanding $1,200 checks to certain undocumented immigrants, restoring the full State and Local Tax Deduction (SALT) that helps individuals in high-taxed blue states, a $25 billion rescue for the U.S. Postal Service, allowing legal marijuana businesses to access banking services and early voting and vote-by-mail provisions.

And it would forgive up to $10,000 in student loan debt. You know, the student loan debt chalked up thanks to Democrat run colleges.

It has exactly zero percent chance of passing the Senate. It most likely won’t even be brought up. Pelosi thinks it is a starting point for negotiations. This is the new Mitch McConnell, who stays strong.

Democrats can’t let a good crisis go to waste, you know.

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