Climate Cultists Say Sea Rise Is Now Only Caused By Mankind, Not Earth’s Orbit

Of course they do

New Research Affirms Modern Sea-Level Rise Linked to Human Activities, Not to Changes in Earth’s Orbit

New research by Rutgers scientists reaffirms that modern sea-level rise is linked to human activities and not to changes in Earth’s orbit.

Surprisingly, the Earth had nearly ice-free conditions with carbon dioxide levels not much higher than today and had glacial periods in times previously believed to be ice-free over the last 66 million years, according to a paper published in the journal Science Advances.

“Our team showed that the Earth’s history of glaciation was more complex than previously thought,” said lead author Kenneth G. Miller, a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences in the School of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. “Although carbon dioxide levels had an important influence on ice-free periods, minor variations in the Earth’s orbit were the dominant factor in terms of ice volume and sea-level changes — until modern times.”

Sea-level rise, which has accelerated in recent decades, threatens to permanently inundate densely populated coastal cities and communities, other low-lying lands and costly infrastructure by 2100. It also poses a grave threat to many ecosystems and economies.

See, everything before 1850 was nature. Everything after was because you and your forebears ate a burger and lived a modern lifestyle. Further, it’s strange how none of these cult articles every really mention how much the sea is rising nor how much it is supposedly accelerating. Because the rise is average and there is no acceleration.

“We demonstrate that although atmospheric carbon dioxide had an important influence on ice-free periods on Earth, ice volume and sea-level changes prior to human influences were linked primarily to minor variations in the Earth’s orbit and distance from the sun,” Miller said.

But, now, it’s your fault. And they helpfully provide what the future will look like

And the caption “Scientists boarding the D/V JOIDES Resolution off New Jersey in 1993. The sea level in an ice-free world would be 66 meters (216.5 feet) higher than now — shoulder-high to the Statue of Liberty. Credit: Kenneth G. Miller, James V. Browning, and Gregory S. Mountain.” These people are nuts.

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5 Responses to “Climate Cultists Say Sea Rise Is Now Only Caused By Mankind, Not Earth’s Orbit”

  1. Klemdadiddlehopper says:

    Nothing to fear here. The left is fearmongering everyone into becoming the proverbial rat in a boiling pot of water. Just keep fear mongering and turning up the death count and people will hide until they starve to death.

    People will hide until they have no jobs believing a government can just keep printing money from now until their great grandchildren are old OR

    We turn into an Authoritarian COMMUNIST NATION, which ever comes first.


    The AGW RETARDO’s WOULD HAVE YOU BELIEVE that in weeks if not a few years the earth is going to covered in water and we will all die!!!

    Every weather event is a catastrophic AGW event perpetrated by consumerism.

    Funny. China has the highest individual debt ratio in the world and encourages their people to consume like locusts and yet.

    IT IS AMERICA”S FAULT that the world is dying. All those clouds of smog over China are ignored while America is destroyed from within by Communists acting as Americans.

    Fuk the AGW movement. Now if they all want to go protest China. Ill donate to their cause. Until then they need to STFU!!!!

  2. Mark Matis says:

    The tribe owns Greta. What else would you expect of them???

    • Kye says:

      Ahh, good old Greta. My favorite semi retarded Swede. Hasn’t she been awarded a doctorate from some leftist university yet? Seems every leftist is doctor this or doctor that.

      Trump 2020 Keep Greta in Stockholm.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Ahh, good old Kye. Our favorite demented Pennsylvanian.

        You seem to have no comprehension of Asperger’s Syndrome. Here’s a little info for you: Those with Asperger’s syndrome must by definition have suffered no cognitive delay during their first 3 years of life. This means that they will usually have at least a “normal” IQ. In some cases, their IQ may be very high, even in the genius range. Ms. Thunberg is hardly retarded, and seems much smarter than you. She’s certainly more courageous.

        Based on your increasingly angry and violent rants, it’s quite likely you are suffering from a progressive neurocognitive disorder, e.g., AD, LBD, vascular dementia etc…

        You seem upset that liberals typically have more education than you connies. It’s a common refrain from the connies amongst us. Curiously, connies take great pride in their lack of education.

        Isn’t it fascist to keep Ms. Thunberg in Stockholm? Would you feel threatened if she visited the US?

  3. Kye says:

    Triggered the little liar again, didn’t I? Did I piss you off about your little retarded girl.? Ahh, too bad. So now you’re also a psychologist? I guess we should call YOU Doctor Elwood now?

    Triggering and hate are all you have.

    P.S. Good cut and paste on your Google definition, doctor.

    See if you can find Greta in the crowd:

    Trump 2020 throw out Greta.

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