UK Police Super Worried About Guy Dressed As 17th Century Plague Doctor

They just want to have a conversation with the person, you know

Police hunt mystery person walking streets as 17th-century plague doctor during coronavirus outbreak

Police in Norfolk are keen to speak to a person who has been spotted dressed up as a 17th-century plague doctor on walks during the coronavirus lockdown.

The unidentified individual has been spotted in the Norwich suburb of Hellesdon wearing a long black cloak, a hat and a pointed beak-like mask in recent weeks.

People posting on a community Facebook page said the outfit could frighten children, and Norfolk Police said they wanted to give “words of advice” to the person.

Jade Gosbell, 21, took a photograph of the person walking across a recreation ground in Hellesdon.

This is what the cops are worried about? How about all the Muslim grooming/rape gangs? Nah, that would be raaaaacist and Islamophobic, you know

“It’s clearly for attention or something like that, because normal people just wouldn’t do that.”

It’s 2020. Of course it is for attention. Have we not seen all the Instagram and other social media stuff these days?

The furloughed gym worker continued: “I was sitting there and I was getting angry myself as my mum has a phobia of masks.

“I know that even in daylight if she was to go round the corner and bump into him she would be so scared.

“Kids would be frightened, my mum would be frightened, however some people really don’t think it’s that deep, they just think that he’s having a laugh, he’s just trying to find something to do with himself during isolation and lockdown.”

In other words, she was Offended, hence, someone else has to be forced to live her Feelings.

She said she has not seen the person since a Facebook post drew attention to them, adding: “I was told that if I see him again to call the police.”

Really? Call the police? For wearing a costume? WTF? Most likely this was a one off thing with someone getting a shot for social media, they’ve now moved on. The Norfolk police said

“Although no offences have been committed at this time, officers are keen to trace the individual in order to provide words of advice about the implications of his actions on the local community.

They don’t have anything better to do than hassle someone over a costume?

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4 Responses to “UK Police Super Worried About Guy Dressed As 17th Century Plague Doctor”

  1. Nolan Parker says:

    Society is filled with Constipated Hall Monitors policing the world for anyone who isn’t in their
    “chosen accepted behaviors” groups. They Raise the alarm like chickens when they spot a hawk.
    Their Feelings are supposed to be more important than the rights of the person who has caused them alarm, regardless of how obvious it is that the Problem is that They are Alarmed over Nothing… Sadly these people have managed to get traction instead of being rightfully laughed at until they STFU and leave people alone.

    • Kye says:

      But we can all take solace when we watch Ellen Degenerate dancing in her mansion and saying it’s like “prison”. Or any of the other left wing commies showing us how hard it’s been on them from their husge houses or around their swimming pools.

      Then we’re told to say inside only to see Hussein out golfing or Bill De Stasio in the parke with his hideous wife. What a relief to know I’m not in this alone as every fukin ad from every fukin company reminds me (to a background of solemn piano music) and how a nurse or garbage collector or Doordash guy are the new “Heroes”.

      I had a TeleView with my surgeon today and he told me the entire University Of PA hospital is a ghost town. They’re not allowed to do ANY non-emergency services or operations. That included my Lung Transplant should some become available! It’s considered “elective” just like my wife’s business (our income) is considered “non-essential”. Yet every politician, academic, entertainer, and government employee seems “essential” but I can’t get my driver license nor replace my wife’s SS card except by mail!

      This is a man-made catastrophe. The Left to a flu and destroyed an economy over it just to get Trump.

      In 1968-69, the Hong Kong flu ravaged the world, remember it; it wound up killing more than one million people worldwide, over 100,000 of them in the United States. No lockdowns were imposed and people still went to work, albeit lessening bus travel and implementing social distancing and more washing of their hands.

      The Wall Street Journal explained. “The novel virus triggered a state of emergency in New York City; caused so many deaths in Berlin that corpses were stored in subway tunnels; overwhelmed London’s hospitals; and in some areas of France left half of the workforce bedridden.”

      As John Fund notes in National Review, the Hong Kong Flu “was an especially infectious virus that had the ability to mutate and render existing vaccines ineffective … Hundreds of thousands were hospitalized in the U.S. as the disease hit all 50 states by Christmas 1968. Like the Red China Flu, it was fatal primarily to people older than 65 with preexisting conditions.”

      The Encyclopedia Britannica pointed out the highly contagious nature of the disease: “Indeed, within two weeks of its emergence in July in Hong Kong, some 500,000 cases of illness had been reported … The 1968 flu pandemic caused illness of varying degrees of severity in different populations. For example, whereas illness was diffuse and affected only small numbers of people in Japan, it was widespread and deadly in the United States.”

      The Hong Kong flu still exists today. The Centers for Disease Control note, “It was first noted in the United States in September 1968 … The H3N2 virus continues to circulate worldwide as a seasonal influenza A virus.”

      Fund notes that a retired professor of medicine, Philip Snashall, noted in the British Medical Journal that his two-year-old daughter was the first known case of the Hong Kong flu in Europe. He wrote, “How things change. The stock market did not plummet, we were not besieged by the press, men in breathing apparatus did not invade my daughter’s play group.”

      All to get Trump. Remember that when they ask for your vote.

      Trump 2020 Get these creeps out of government.

  2. Nighthawk says:

    This surprises you? It is the UK we are talking about here. That wonderful place that we should aspire to be. I mean, with there ability to arrest you for saying something than may offend someone, or their wonderful healthcare system where you are likely to die waiting on treatment, where you pay upwards of 65% of your income in taxes, what’s not to love?

  3. Kye says:

    Don’t forget Londonistan and the intrepid “Royal Family”. There’s a dysfunctional set of misfits if I ever saw one and they are the “figureheads” of Not-So-Great-Britain.

    England stands as an example of what happens when the white, Christian countries stop believing in themselves and rather start hating themselves because they are provably better than anyone else. They permitted the elite idiots among them to lay “white guilt” trips on them because they were “privileged”. To the anointed it’s a privilege to be smarter, more creative and richer than their “diverse” counterparts therefore something must be done to level the field. Like destroy the richest, freest and most productive society in history and impregnate it with people who share none of those traits and have no desire to.

    Trump 2020 Let Mohammad keep Londonistan and stay out of Washington.

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