Four Arrested At Raleigh Protest, Raw Story Reduces Female Officer Down To Her Skin Color

While I agree that the NC economy needs to be re-opened, some of the protesters are going too far. Leave the guns at home. This is about the economy. Leave the MAGA hats at home. Let’s keep it about the economy. Some want to jump into re-opening way too much. We still need to be careful. And it doesn’t help that social distancing, which still makes sense, has gone out the door. But, we still have both a federal and state Constitution regarding protesting and asking for redress of grievance

ReOpen protesters in NC converge outside legislative building, 4 arrested

Hundreds of protesters crowded into downtown Raleigh on Tuesday for a third week of rallying aimed at reversing Gov. Roy Cooper’s stay-home order for North Carolina.

Four protesters, including ReOpenNC leader Ashley Smith, were arrested when they stepped onto the sidewalk outside the governor’s mansion on Blount Street, violating police instructions.

Protesters gathered around the Capitol Police car and banged on the window as Smith was taken away.

“This is how Nazi Germany started,” said her husband, Adam Smith, who was handed bail money by other protesters. Using a bullhorn, he called each officer outside the governor’s mansion a “little piggie.” (there is video at the link)

That’s right, they closed the sidewalk at the Governor’s Mansion. They never gave a reason, and, none of the local news outlets, including the News and Observer above, bothered to ask why.

But, Raw Story goes full Progressive race baiting

‘Take me to jail!’ Reopen protester in Raleigh pesters black police officer during NC demonstration

A lockdown protester in North Carolina singled out a black police officer for harassment.

Demonstrators turned out Tuesday in Raleigh to protest Gov. Roy Cooper’s stay-at-home order intended to halt the spread of the coronavirus, and one man wearing a Gadsden flag as a cape pestered a black law enforcement officer.

“What law am I violating by standing on the sidewalk?” the protester asks. “Take me to jail for not violating the law. Take me to jail.”

Video shows the man antagonizing the impassive officer, who is wearing a medical mask and sunglasses.

“Can you arrest me right now for standing here?” the man says. “That’s a simple question, the news is right here, right? Are y’all the news? Can you arrest me for standing on the sidewalk right now, and if so, articulate what law, which general statute says it?”

Notice anything interesting about her right arm? They denote a higher ranking officer. In this case a sergeant. A rank the officer has surely earned through hard work. Yet, all Raw Story sees is that she’s black. She’s been reduced to her skin color.

It should be made clear that most of the issues were with the Capital Special Police rather than the Raleigh PD or State Police.

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