Climate Cultist Calls Michael Moore’s Film Dangerous, Wants It Censored

I’ve only read a little bit about Michael Moore’s new film which blasts renewable energy sources (see Watts Up With That?, Tom Nelson’s tweets, and Green Jihad, among others), but I’ve been rather reticent about defending Moore because you just don’t know what his true agenda is. Hey, maybe he’s serious. But, this kind of thing makes me want to defend him, because, like any Cult, if you offend them, they will come after you

Climate experts call for ‘dangerous’ Michael Moore film to be taken down

A new Michael Moore-produced documentary that takes aim at the supposed hypocrisy of the green movement is “dangerous, misleading and destructive” and should be removed from public viewing, according to an assortment of climate scientists and environmental campaigners.

The film, Planet of the Humans, was released on the eve of Earth Day last week by its producer, Michael Moore, the baseball cap-wearing documentarian known for Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling for Columbine. Describing itself as a “full-frontal assault on our sacred cows”, the film argues that electric cars and solar energy are unreliable and rely upon fossil fuels to function. It also attacks figures including Al Gore for bolstering corporations that push flawed technologies over real solutions to the climate crisis.

Planet of the Humans has provoked a furious reaction from scientists and campaigners, however, who have called for it be taken down. Films for Action, an online library of videos, temporarily took down the film after describing it as “full of misinformation”, though they later reinstated it, saying they did not want accusations of censorship to give the film “more power and mystique than it deserves”. A free version on YouTube has been viewed more than 3m times.

See, rather than respond to the accusations, the Cult of Climastrology just wants it banned. I have not watched it, so, I can’t be sure what kind of spins Moore makes, like in many of his other movies, or if he played it straight. Regardless, I didn’t want the horrible Fahrenheit 911 to be taken down. Free Speech isn’t just for stuff we like, right?

A letter written by Josh Fox, who made the documentary Gasland, and signed by various scientists and activists, has urged the removal of “shockingly misleading and absurd” film for making false claims about renewable energy. Planet of the Humans “trades in debunked fossil fuel industry talking points” that question the affordability and reliability of solar and wind energy, the letter states, pointing out that these alternatives are now cheaper to run than fossil fuels such as coal.

Why doesn’t Fox, along with the others, simply rebut Moore’s allegations? Probably because they can’t, but, even if they could, they wouldn’t, because dissension is not allowed. Think how Scientology goes after people who leave the reservation, after people who expose Scientology.

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11 Responses to “Climate Cultist Calls Michael Moore’s Film Dangerous, Wants It Censored”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    First, Michael Moore doesn’t produce documentaries. Never has. All of his films are political activism.
    Second, you should not be defending him. He isn’t under attack by anyone. This is just how Hollywood creates interest in films by creating controversy. It’s marketing, not criticism.

    • KlemDadidlehopper says:

      This was my exact thinking. Notice how they take it down then put it right back up to stir up interest. Those dumb conservatives will watch it now that the left is attacking it.

  2. Kye says:

    “Free Speech isn’t just for stuff we like, right?” That’s a question better asked of Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo and YouTube. They are the filthy commie censors, not Teach.

    Trump 2020 Because he believes in Freedom

    • KlemDadidlehopper says:

      Scary shit on YOUTUBE.

      The CEO of YouTube was on the fake stream media the other day with the fat little Kim Jong Un look alike.

      She was saying for example we are taking down videos touting taking Vitamin C as a cure for Covid-19. I have never seen videos touting it as a cure. I have Videos from doctors who fight the front lines of this saying they eat vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D-3 all of which strengthens the immune system and helps to prevent upper respiratory infections.

      But somehow I don’t think the communists want Americans to be healthy.

      Yes there are cases where I think YouTube has an obligation to take down dangerous material such as someone suggesting you drink bleach for Covid-19. Yet I wonder why they don’t take down Trump videos suggesting the same?

      Why that would be because they get 100,000,000 views and make ungodly amounts of money.

      GOOGLE is the anti-Christ. Google owns YouTube. Google is run by people from all over the world, stealing America’s secrets and funneling them to China. I recommend BING or Yahoo or whatever other search engine. Its real easy to change from google to another one up in the settings of your browser.

      GOOGLE IS PLAIN EVIL. Facebook/Instagram is not far behind but at least they are sorta kinda apolitical compared….compared to GOOGLE which might as well register in the USA as a FOREIGN AGENT for CHINA.

      • Kye says:

        “Yes there are cases where I think YouTube has an obligation to take down dangerous material such as someone suggesting you drink bleach for Covid-19. Yet I wonder why they don’t take down Trump videos suggesting the same?”

        Can you direct me to the video where Trump suggests people drink bleach please. I can’t find it on YouTube. I keep hearing about it from Fake News sources and commie leftists like Elwood but I can’t seem to find it. A link would be helpful.

        Thanks again

        Trump 2020 Just don’t drink the bleach. Tide-Pods are much tastier.

        • KlemDadidlehopper says:

          Of course he didn’t say that. But it doesnt matter what he said Kye, it matters what YOUTUBE allows and disallows.

          In this case their are million view videos from the Guardian and the Telegraph, both far left news organizations implying Trump said to do this.

          Should you drink bleach or lysol to cure cornoavirus…RIGHT BELOW THESE TWO videos. It is in plain sight. The implications are clear. Trump said X, but lets imply Y.

          Google is evil

  3. alanstorm says:

    “Why doesn’t Fox, along with the others, simply rebut Moore’s allegations? Probably because they can’t…”

    Got it in one. Why persuade when you can simply use force?

  4. KlemDadidlehopper says:

    You call the electric company. They turn you on. It costs sometimes a deposit but normally you get the electricity turned on that day for nothing.
    You pay your electricity bill.
    Solar. My son in law installed 24 panels on his roof. Price. 54,000.00. Payments spread over 25 years so the cost was only about 250.00 per month. However he has never made any money other than a couple times he made 17.00 dollars from the electric company because they pay a pittance for each kilowatt fed into their grid. He also has to pay electricity every month around 60-90 dollars on top of a payment that is depressed and will force him to balloon payment at the end of 25 years. Consequently they pay 400 a month so they will pay off the system in about 18 years.
    Wind power. I live in an area where a giant wind farm was attached to our grid about 8 years ago. The wind power is just part of the grid. IF we got rid of the fossil fueled power plant, actually there are 4 plants on our particular grid we would be out of electricity 90 percent of the time. It would require the building of 10,000 more windmills at the cost of 4 million each with an expected life expectancy of 5-7 years before MAJOR OVERHAUL and IN SOME CASES and entire replacement of the head and fans.

    That just produces electricity. Today the AGW crowd can get a peek at what the world would be like with no trucks and no ability by packing plants to get food from the field to the packers to the grocery shelves.

    The price of everything would be astronomical to save a few molecules of co2 in order to worship GRAPHS< CHARTS and M O D E L S that as we can see with COVID-19 are probably so bogus as to be laughable but oh well…whose gonna be around to prove AOC WRONG in 100 years as she turns America communist.

    CHINA FUKING TROLLS trying to destroy the worlds fuel supply. Energy equates to power in the 21st century and China is trolling the world with lies to make sure we all end our power as they pollute the world into oblivion. GO FUKING PROTEST CHINA you coward AGW proponents.

  5. Kye says:

    If you want scary shit, try this:

    “Babylon Bee Switches to Straight News on Dems and COVID-19

    Looks like the Babylon Bee finally gave up on parody, exhausted from trying to come up with stories even more absurd than the actual moonbattery on display in Washington. This lead paragraph is straightforward, accurate journalism:

    While President Trump and some Republican governors are pushing to reopen the country soon, Democrats are much more cautious as they see a looming disaster if America ends the shutdown early: Trump getting credit for a growing economy.

    Economic recovery needs to be stalled at least until the election, if not indefinitely. The Great Recession propelled Obama to power, and the Great Depression might have kept FDR in office forever if WWII and his death hadn’t ended it.

    That’s why Democrats will drag their feet every inch of the way to prolong the economically devastating lockdowns, no matter how obvious it becomes that they are not necessary or even sensible.

    The extract above is followed by quotes too truthful not to be fictional, given that they are attributed to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Now that it is a straight news source, the Babylon Bee is adhering to the Dan Rather “fake but accurate” school of journalism.”

    On a tip from Mr. Freemarket.

  6. Jl says:

    I guess I missed the “dangerous, misleading and destructive” (which of course are subjective opinions) exceptions to the First Amendment. When one can’t debate, one tries to ban…

  7. Phil says:

    All you need to know about liberal documentary making is that Josh Fox can still write letters as if he is some authority after being caught lying in his Gasland films lied about how fracking affected people’s tap water.

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