Fossil Fuels Are To Blame For Bat Soup Virus Spreading Or Something

Wait, I thought it was Trump’s fault? Anyhow, Warmists who complain about fossil fuels are also big time globalists, but never seem to have an idea one what to replace fossil fuels with

Fossil fuels are propelling Covid-19—and the next pandemic

We tend to notice the connection between coronavirus and oil only when the energy markets collapse. But as history reveals, since the 19th century, pandemics have depended on fossil fuels to go global.

The novel coronavirus and rapid spread of the Covid-19 respiratory disease is no exception. In fact, this pandemic involves oil-fueled global connectivity that dates back to the 19th century. (snip)

What would an alternative model that connects oil and this novel coronavirus look like, then? Chiefly, it would factor in the true price of the fossil-fueled planetary infrastructures that spread pathogens and causes climate change since the 19th century and on. Coronavirus is not a distress call from mother nature to stop global warming. It is another symptom of the system that produces it, a motion sickness indicating that the carbon-based world we assembled is contaminated in more way we care to admit.

So, did fossil fuels spread (graphic under the fold) the Black Plague? Small pox (1520)? Plague of Justinian (541-542)? Even the Spanish (whoops, that’s racist) Flu, one of the biggies, occurred when there really wasn’t that much fossil fueled travel. People were still using horses quite a bit. Heck, you can’t blame AIDS deaths on fossil fuels, mostly on poor-education and gay males continuing to have risky anal sex.

Reducing both oil and the disease to little more than economic forces obfuscates another side of the equation, in which the virus is a thing in the world. Yet seen this way, tracing the coronavirus as a diagnostic marker that travels the arteries of capitalist globalization can expose the ills of the system. What transformed a local contagion in a wet market in Wuhan into a pandemic within a matter of months is a network that begins with ground transportation within the infected regions and ends with the sea- and air-lines—all powered by fossil fuels.

And it’s the fault of capitalism, too.

How capitalist economic ideology adds fire to the fuel

Yup, they hate capitalism. Interestingly, and like normal, the author, On Barak,  senior lecturer in Middle Eastern and African History, Tel Aviv University, doesn’t want to say what he wants to replace capitalism with to stop Hotcoldwetdry.

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9 Responses to “Fossil Fuels Are To Blame For Bat Soup Virus Spreading Or Something”

  1. John says:

    In the last 7 days in the USA the total deaths doubled to near 35,000
    At what point will you stop disrespecting their deaths by calling it a cartoonish sounding name ? 50,000? 75,000??
    This is like 10x the death total of Katrina or 9/11

    • KlemDadidlehopper says:

      At what number of deaths will you stop defending China?

      At what number of deaths will you stop taking 50 cents per post to defend a communist regime that murders its own citizens?

      At what number of deaths John will you finally return to being an American and stop defending the number one enemy of the WORLD?

    • Kye says:

      What difference does it make what name someone calls it? We all know it was called the Wuhan Virus originally until some oversensitive leftist under orders from Beijing decided it was raaaacit to call it that. Pathetic. The whole world must bend to the communist dictators desires.

      Personally I like the Red Chinese Flu. What’s your favorite name for it? Remember we’re not in China we can call it any damn thing we want!

    • formwiz says:

      You mean like the Pooh Flu?

      Maybe when your guys stop trying to jack up the numbers by as much as a half.

      If not more.

    • Dana says:

      For the left, anything which enables them to deflect from the author’s meaning is a usable take.

      That said, I agree that calling COVID-19 names which make fun of Chinese culture or pointing out where the virus first entered the human population is a tactic which allows those who don’t want to listen a convenient escape.

      • Kye says:

        That’s a common error many old line conservatives of good faith make, that something will “allow those who don’t want to listen a convenient escape”. Sorry, I stopped believing in that after a year of Perry Hood. Leftists always don’t want to listen because they live in a bubble because all people and news they come in contact with think the same. Listening to another opinion is the very reason for political correctness and newspeak. It literally causes them pain or have you missed the “screaming leftists” on YouTube?

        Secondly, they don’t need a convenient escape from another opinion they just turn their brain off like Elwood does and loudly hum the narrative over and over in their brain until something new to bitch and rant about pops up.

        If they actually cared about the truth they’d call it the Wuhan Virus but since they won’t all bets are off!

        Trump 2020 Because Trump is MY tactic to allow leftists who don’t want to listen a convenient escape. Good luck to’em.

  2. Dana says:

    The warmunists are loving this: pollution is down, traffic is much lighter, and all is proceeding as they want.

    Or at least it will until their iPhones die, they realize that they haven’t been able to go to a concert for a while, they get tired of having to cook for themselves and haven’t been able to hook up with someone they met at a bar for awhile. Once the deprivations from 21st century living start to hit home, to them, they’ll change their tunes.

    Faux conservative Never Trumper Bill Kristol tweeted, “The Abe government put the economy first, did little testing–and now COVID-19 cases are surging again, and the health care system may be breaking down.” When you’re a millionaire like Mr Kristol, it’s easy to advocate for a slower rather than faster reopening of the economy. When you’re depending on unemployment and a one-time $1,200 stimulus check, not so much.

  3. Animal says:

    “capitalist economic ideology”

    Here’s the thing; there is no “capitalist economic ideology.” The very word “capitalism” is a construct, as there’s no “-ism” involved; no underlying ideology, no dogma, just freedom. What leftists call “capitalism” is just free people making their own free, unfettered, unrestricted decisions as to how best to use their own abilities, skills, resources and, yes, money.

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