Your Fault: Clear Skies Causing More Greenland Melt

See, everything is your fault, but, we can fix this with a tax on you and government controlling your life

Climate change: Blue skies pushed Greenland ‘into the red’

While high temperatures were critical to the melting seen in Greenland last year, scientists say that clear blue skies also played a key role.

In a study, they found that a record number of cloud free days saw more sunlight hit the surface while snowfall was also reduced.

These conditions were due to wobbles in the fast moving jet stream air current that also trapped heat over Europe.

As a result, Greenland’s ice sheet lost an estimated 600 billion tonnes.

Current climate models don’t include the impact of the wandering jet stream say the authors, and may be underestimating the impact of warming.

Of course, the wandering jet stream is blamed on your carbon footprint, that you ate a burger and took a fossil fueled trip to work. Seriously, it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the nuclear furnace in the sky, right? That would be silly.

The authors believe their study explains why, despite the fact that 2019 was not as warm as 2012, last year produced a record drop in surface mass balance.

You were taking long showers and watering your garden, hence, this happened. The notion of long term variability and that this has happened multiple times naturally during the Holocene alone is silly. Stop it.

The exact mechanism by which climate change affects the jet stream isn’t understood. But the view is that as the Arctic warms, the temperature differences between the region and the mid-latitudes that drive the air current are reduced. This slows down the stream, making it wander further.

“The more CO2 we pump out, the more divergence starts to emerge between the behaviour of the Arctic and the mid-latitudes and this behaviour is accelerating and enhancing some of the differences. It is a crucial part of what is creating this waviness and the consequences,” said Dr Tedesco.

See? Your fault. Give up your freedom and choice to government, along with your money, and we can solve this.

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2 Responses to “Your Fault: Clear Skies Causing More Greenland Melt”

  1. Nighthawk says:

    They have no clue how climate change effects the jet stream but are certain that man made CO2 is effecting the jet stream? MmmmKay.

  2. KlemDadidlehopper says:

    MODELS with real time data are wrong a week after they publish them.

    Yet were supposed to believe that the AGW scientists have it all figured out 100 years in advance?

    Sounds like the Modelers are doing the same thing with Covid-19 they are with Climate models. Scaring the shit out of everyone.

    Run Liberals. Run. You can hide while conservatives go back to work. That is if the blue states let them without arresting them for being outside their homes.

    In the meantime VIRGINIA passed their gun conscription legislation and the governor signed it. Hooray for China. Get them guns off the streets so they can take over our country without having to fire too many shots.

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