Bat Soup Virus Crazy Today: Hunting Down A Jogger With A Drone

They tell us to practice social distancing. OK, we do. Stay home, but you can go out for exercise as long as you social distance

Rome Mayor Uses Drone to Hunt Down, Fine Jogger During Lockdown

Rome mayor Virginia Raggi boasted on social media this week that she used a drone to track down and eventually fine a jogger who violated the coronavirus lockdown.

On Easter Monday in Rome, local police carried out more than 14,000 checks and issued 162 sanctions, Ms. Raggi has tweeted, adding that a runner on Rome’s Appian Way tried to evade police but was tracked down with a drone and fined.

Ms. Raggi has adopted a “tough cop” approach to the pandemic, attempting to terrorize citizens into submission through an increased police presence and by regularly publishing the number of random stops carried out and citations issued.

For a while, Rome police would slowly patrol city streets using bullhorns to warn people to stay home or face the consequences. The mayor announced moreover that she has hired an additional 300 police officers who will go on active duty to patrol the nation’s capital on April 17.

Raggi has also urged citizens to report on each other’s failure to comply with regulations and set up a special website where people can file their reports anonymously. Many Romans complained about the measure, insisting it was a “witch hunt” reminiscent of Italy’s dark days of fascism.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It seems more and more we are seeing the authoritarian natures of elected officials come out. And, sadly, as we have seen, law enforcement is following right along

Sacramento cops now warn: Violate coronavirus stay-at-home order, you could be arrested

Sacramento County’s law enforcement agencies jointly announced Wednesday they would step up enforcement of the state and county orders to stay at home, and begin charging “blatant” violators with misdemeanors that carry a penalty of a fine or possible jail time.

“While education continues to be the primary focus of all agencies when it comes to violations of the health order, law enforcement agencies in Sacramento County will now also take enforcement action on violations of the public health order that clearly put the health and safety of our communities in jeopardy,” the news release by the Sacramento Police Department said. (snip)

People in violation of the public health order could potentially be charged with a misdemeanor that carries a penalty of a $50 to $1,000 fine or up to 90 days in jail, officials said.

Want to go for a jog? Jail for you. Unless you are an illegal alien. Or already in jail. Then they’ll let you go

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One Response to “Bat Soup Virus Crazy Today: Hunting Down A Jogger With A Drone”

  1. Kye says:

    So as Nazi Pelousy holds up the SBA loan bill for small businesses she does a tour of her $25,000 freezers stocked up with a ton of food including gelato cause the elite must have their gelato. Is there no end to the contempt for the little guy these Demcoms can muster?

    Folks, we’re losing our God-given Constitutional rights by a coordinated effort of using a disease to collapse the economy to hurt Trump. They use the deaths of thousands of Americans by a home made Chinese Virus and blame it on Trump to win an election. I watched the News At Noon today on Action News and they showed the usual suspects, Gov’s Nipsy Cuomo, Tom Wolf and Murphy bitchin’ about the economic harm THEY caused by blaming it on Trump. Two months ago the leftist mantra was an “existential threat” now it’s “Trump didn’t…..”.

    I really wish I could say I believed the left was not capable of killing off Americans to reach their goals, I can’t. I read crap that Bill Ayres wrote including: “Well, what is going to happen to those people that we can’t re‑educate, that are die-hard capitalists?” And the reply was that they’d have to be eliminated and when I pursued this further, they estimated that they’d have to eliminate 25 million people in these re‑education centers.”
    –Bill Ayers, in Prairie Fire

    Nothing says “virtue” like mass murder to a leftist!

    Trump 2020 Don’t let them lie him out of power.

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