Cult of Climastrology Wonders If Lessons Of Bat Soup Virus Can Be Applied To ‘Climate Change’

The doomsday cult always has to cult, and certainly do not want to let some suffering and fear get in the way

Can the Lessons of the Coronavirus Pandemic Be Applied to Climate Change?

As the world grapples with COVID-19, it cannot afford to ignore an even more serious global emergency that will persist long after the pandemic has passed: climate change. Last month, the United Nations issued a dire multiagency report warning that the world is “way off track” on its commitments to cut emissions under the Paris Agreement. Without dramatic and sustained emissions reductions, higher atmospheric and marine temperatures will bring more deadly heat waves, catastrophic storms, rising seas, food insecurity, health crises and mass displacement.

Although emissions have dropped sharply since January with the coronavirus pandemic virtually shutting down entire economies and most air travel, they are sure to surge again as the world economy roars back to life whenever the pandemic ends. Antonio Guterres, the U.N. secretary-general, put it bluntly: “We will not fight climate change with a virus.” Indeed, the pandemic will make progress against global warming even more elusive.

Nobody welcomes a pandemic that threatens to kill millions, infect hundreds of millions more and throw the world into economic depression. Still, the dramatic global response to COVID-19 has captured many environmentalists’ imaginations, by showing what a less polluted planet might look like and suggesting how the world might mobilize to fight climate change.

See? Nobody welcomes a pandemic, except for the Warmists who want to take advantage of it. Bunch of ghouls. I’d say people will remember that the CoC tried to take advantage of the Chinese virus while people were scared, worried, fearful, losing their businesses and money, getting sick, and dying, but, most news outlets are barely even covering the notion of anthropogenic climate change right now. The number of articles has dropped massively.

The global economic shutdown provides an alternative reality, or at least a “mirage,” of what could be if humanity managed to reduce its carbon footprint. It has also exposed just how dangerous air pollution is to human health. Marshall Burke, a professor of earth science at Stanford University, calculated in March that China’s shutdown had “likely saved the lives of 4,000 kids under 5 and 73,000 adults over 70”—20 times the deaths China had attributed to the coronavirus—thanks to a decline in pollution-related respiratory illnesses.

So, Warmists are happy with the economic shutdown. Further, the air pollution has little to do with ‘climate change’. Anyhow, the article then spends lots of paragraphs explaining how the Cult really sees that there will be no climate policy being enacted as the world attempts to recover, that private business won’t bother doing anything, and

Finally, public pressure to combat climate change will dissipate, as rising unemployment and basic pocketbook issues leave citizens, particularly young people, with less time and energy for environmental activism. Climate advocates had planned enormous protests for April 22 to mark the 50th Earth Day. Thanks to the coronavirus, these will occur online.

People have learned that ‘climate change’ is truly a 1st World Problem. It’s something people who have it pretty good can whine about, but, once the bat guano hits the fan, it disappears as a non-entity. We already knew that most people who care about it only care in theory, not practice. Those who said they cared about ‘climate change’ before will now see it as a luxury issue, one that really doesn’t matter.

It is commonplace in politics for the urgent to overwhelm the important. This is particularly true when the former inspires panic and the latter permits procrastination. Defeating the coronavirus requires societies and individuals to suffer acute, short-term pain, in the expectation that the pandemic will pass and economies will quickly recover. Decarbonization implies something more daunting: a transformation of the entire global economy, with attendant dislocation, to avoid a catastrophe that we sense is coming, but are only beginning to feel.

They never really want to say what that economic transformation is, what it creates, what it looks like, do they. Not a question.

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