NY Times: Social Distancing Is White And Rich Privilege

You can obviously depend on the NY Times to provide lots and lots of hot takes on the backs of people getting sick and dying. You have this one

Healthcare Workers Are Begging For Masks. Is The President Listening?
The country that spends the most in the world on health care doesn’t have nearly enough protective equipment.

It’s an op-ed with a video, 2:50 seconds of medical folks saying they don’t have enough while the Times interspersed heavily edited cuts of Trump speaking, without full context. Interesting that no one mentions that the Obama administration failed to refill the N95 masks and other supplies for the Strategic National Stockpile. I won’t blame Obama for that: a president can only do and know so much. Heck, was he even aware of this? Did someone bring it to his attention at some point? Or, for real this time, did he first read about it in the news recently? Anyhow, no one in the video offers any ideas as to what President Trump is supposed to do. Not one idea.

And other hot-takes. But, let’s go to Charles Blow, who’s always good for a race baiting one

Social Distancing Is a Privilege

People like to say that the coronavirus is no respecter of race, class or country, that the disease Covid-19 is mindless and will infect anybody it can.

In theory, that is true. But, in practice, in the real world, this virus behaves like others, screeching like a heat-seeking missile toward the most vulnerable in society. And this happens not because it prefers them, but because they are more exposed, more fragile and more ill.

What the vulnerable portion of society looks like varies from country to country, but in America, that vulnerability is highly intersected with race and poverty.

Early evidence from cities and states already shows that black people are disproportionately affected by the virus in devastating ways. As ProPublica reported, in Milwaukee County, Wis., as of Friday morning, 81 percent of the deaths were black people. Black people make up only 26 percent of that county.

Maybe Charles should be blaming China for coming up with Bat Soup Virus. He also notes the same problem in Detroit and Chicago. So

If this pattern holds true across other states and cities, this virus could have a catastrophic impact on black people in this country.

And yet, we are still not seeing an abundance of news coverage or national governmental response that center on these racial disparities. Many states haven’t even released race-specific data on cases and deaths. The federal government hasn’t either.

This is the kind of thing race baiters look for, rather than worrying about everyone.

Partly for this reason, we are left with deceptive and deadly misinformation. The perception that this is a jet-setters’ disease, or a spring breakers’ disease, or a “Chinese virus” as President Trump likes to say, must be laid to rest. The idea that this virus is an equal-opportunity killer must itself be killed.

Perhaps it’s not helpful that the Democratic Party has held blacks down in slums in Dem run cities, making them utterly reliant on government?

Staying at home is a privilege. Social distancing is a privilege.

See? Social distancing is white and rich privilege! Of course. It’s so simple.

If you are sheltering in place in an ivory tower, or even a comfortable cul-de-sac or a smartly well-appointed apartment, and your greatest concern is boredom and leftover food, please stop scolding those scratching to survive.

That’s an interesting final paragraph, because so many of us, who are apparently privileged, have been advocates of not shutting down the economy, yet, the Democrats and the media pushed for this hard. Go figure.

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6 Responses to “NY Times: Social Distancing Is White And Rich Privilege”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The richest nation in the history of nations can’t support its healthcare workers risking their lives. That’s unconscionable.

    Our reality TV host holds a virtual campaign rally on TV every day, whining about mean Governors and nasty reporters, all the while pushing his electoral strategy of trading American’s health to help his election. “We need to open America up!”

    He pimps a “cure”. Why? So that he can say that doctors, scientists, Dems, “they” kept him from saving Americans! It’s part of his campaign.

    How about this. “Open” America. Then you and your spawn must wade into the crowds of America, just as the real Americans you want use as cannon fodder for your re-election. No more ivory tower! Drive a school bus. Spend a day clerking at 7-11, taking money from coughing, sneezing customers. Spend a day serving breakfasts at Denny’s. Drive a cab for a day – but be careful of the sick guy who needs a ride to the hospital. Fly coach from DC to Miami. Spend a night as a nurse in a SARS-CoV-2 ward reusing your mask and wearing a rain poncho for protection. Spend a day teaching high school students. Spend a night as a janitor at a bus station. Spend a day at Disney World. Catch a Yankees game at Yankee Stadium. Play a round of golf at a crowded public course. All without armed guards to keep the great unwashed away from you. You first.

    • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

      Sanctimonious twit.

      Lolgfy https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

      • Kye says:

        Worse than sanctimonious. He’s calling for the President to do things he himself don’t do. Like most liars he has convinced himself that DJT all by himself caused the Red China Plague and knowingly allowed it to spread. Because Orange Man Evil.

        Fact is Trump has done all that’s human to help America and sadly Elwood knows this and ignores it. Trump didn’t shut down the U.S., regardless of the number saved. The CDC’s social distancing recommendations were rather minor. Restaurants could stay open, but they might have reduced their seating capacity after spacing out the tables. Not too bad for Monday through Thursday, but it might bite into the busy weekends. Businesses could stay open, but they might have rearranged cubicles and encouraged better handwashing and sanitation. If you think about daily life, people generally stay more than six feet away from others. The only exceptions might be when in elevators and on public transportation.

        Except for foreign travel, Trump didn’t shut down anything.
        Where did this economic halt come from? It started in states and cities with Democratic elected officials. Perhaps they were influenced by the fake news media during “Trump is ignoring the crisis” and overreacted themselves, or perhaps they wanted to show up Trump by taking action. Either way, they used their favorite tool, the power of government, without any regard as to what it might do to their people.

        It should be obvious from their focus on Trump, but Democrats care only about power, and so they focus on those in power. Think about their accomplishments these last three years. Lying about Trump, investigating Trump, impeaching Trump, saying nasty things about Trump, obstructing Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, right into the insane asylum.

        But the fact remains that the longer our economy remains shuttered, the greater the damage we inflict on our mental and physical health, our financial security, and our freedom and liberty.

        It is also evident that despite the thousands who have been sickened and have succumbed to this Chinese pestilence, we are not living in the midst of an extinction-level event that justifies this lock down. Not by a long shot. And yet, here we are with millions of jobs lost and small businesses, still the lifeblood of the economy, perhaps gone for good. Talk about an extinction-level event.

        All caused by a hoax perpetrated by the fake news media at the behest of their Red Chinese patrons for the benefit of their Red Democrat politicians. They continuously blame everything on Trump knowing it all came from China and was held in secret from the world until it could no longer be contained.

        At one of the most urgent times in recent history where pulling together as a nation was of paramount importance the Democrats, now controlled by leftist scum like AOC, Nazi Pelosi and others decided this particular crisis was too good to waste on unity when political hay can be made. They have betrayed America, our people, our heritage and our future. All for 30 pieces of silver.

        Even now the reds on the left are pushing another hoax about how this virus is raaaaacist and kills blacks at a different rate than whites. I assume they want whites executed or deliberately infected to create a “affirmative action” for illness. Seems eve disease is raaaaacist in America.

        Trump 2020 Imagine if crazy rapin’ Biden had been in charge for the Great Chink Virus.

    • Nighthawk says:

      In other words, go out and partake of all the activities and jobs that we did during the last pandemic and every cold and flu season before and after.

      I see you completely ignored the fact that the last administration let the strategic national stockpile of medical supplies run out without refilling. This IS unconscionable especially considering that during that time we passed the save all, greatest of all time health care law ever.

    • Dana says:

      There he goes again, saying bovine feces like, “The richest nation in the history of nations can’t support its healthcare workers risking their lives. That’s unconscionable.”

      We have trillions of dollars with which to buy personal protective equipment, but all of our dollars do no good if there isn’t enough PPE available to meet the demand.

      The left seem to believe — being that they are economically ignorant — that we can just turn on new manufacturing lines like flipping a light switch, when the facts are that there are no idle factory lines for this stuff in the US. There may be abandoned PPE manufacturing facilities, from companies which have gone out of business, but abandoned means massive cleanup before they can be restarted, along with serious renovation and restoration work; abandoned buildings develop breaches which let in animals and the weather.

      Most of our PPE and medical equipment are imported, primarily from Mexico and China, and the demand now is worldwide; why would anyone think that the People’s Republic, from where COVID-19 first broke out, would be selling more to foreign countries when its internal demand was spiking?

      We can force more domestic production, eventually, but it will come at a serious cost: a senior Chinese factory worker earns the equivalent of $3.60 per hour, which isn’t quite half of our statutory minimum wage, and factory workers in the US earn far more than the minimum wage. If we force all medical supplies to be manufactured domestically, total health care costs will rise significantly.

      Of course, President Trump tried to support domestic manufacturing, by imposing tariffs on goods imported from China and Mexico, and the left vilified him for it, noting that tariffs are paid not by the producing nations but by the consuming ones.

      I’ve said it many times before: if liberals really understood economics, they wouldn’t be liberals anymore.

  2. Jl says:

    What a surprise-the libs push race and climate change into the discussion.

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