You Too Can Invest Without Committing A “Climate Crime” Or Something

This is a new one, or at least taking the whining about certain investments and turning the amp up to about an 8

How to invest without committing ‘climate crime’

Companies unprepared for a low-carbon society are taking unacceptable risks, Paul Brownsey​ of Pathfinder Asset Management tells ROB STOCK.

Q. Pathfinder’s CareSaver is the only KiwiSaver scheme to measure its funds’ carbon footprints. Really? In this day and age?

A. Unless we have missed the news, we are the only KiwiSaver to report the carbon footprint of their KiwiSaver, and measure how the companies we invest in will adapt to a low-carbon economy. This is a critical piece of risk management that is dangerous to ignore.

If an investment manager is investing without thinking about how companies heavily reliant on fossil fuels will survive and thrive in the low-carbon world we are clearly heading toward, then they are being reckless with your money.

Obviously, lots of whining about investing in fossil fuels companies. But

Is it hypocritical to drive a car, and still invest in a fossil-fuel free KiwiSaver fund?

I think it is important to be realistic. We still live in a society that is stuck in a dependency on fossil fuels. For instance, due to poor planning at local and national government level, many people just don’t have reasonable access to public transport.

People shouldn’t beat themselves up because they can’t make big changes. Just make the changes you can. Be conscious when you spend or invest money. Businesses and governments will respond to economic pressure.

Yet, they still want to force Other People to give up their fossil fueled lifestyles.


Coronavirus Is a Stress Test for Future Climate Shocks

Risk modelers are looking at the global response to Covid-19 as a test case for how climate shocks could roil markets and push governments to respond to existential threats.

The 2° Investing Initiative, a European think tank that works with large financial firms and regulators to plan for climate risks, tried its hand at mapping out Coronavirus scenarios this week. “There are some similarities to climate risk in terms of the speed and scale with which the crisis is materializing and because this is also an exogenous risk that’s not part of the normal business cycle,” said Jakob Thomä, a managing director in Berlin.

The virus is a completely different economic scenario, however: while long-term climate risks are felt by an entire region in terms of unemployment and economic activity, Covid-19 has a bigger impact on older age groups. Swift national shutdowns and the expectation that the virus has an end date will also have a dissimilar impact on the economy. But the current crisis highlights something risk modelers do want to spend more time on: the social consequences of climate change.

Blah Blah Blah.

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6 Responses to “You Too Can Invest Without Committing A “Climate Crime” Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    There are several investment firms and mutual funds which have ideologically-based structures. As long as people know what’s being done with their money, I have no problems with those at all. But this line got to me:

    For instance, due to poor planning at local and national government level, many people just don’t have reasonable access to public transport.

    Well, it’s the Kiwis, so any sort of liberal bovine feces can be expected, but still. The author seems to think that local and national governments should have set residential and urban ‘planning’ to be what the left say they should want, rather than responding to what the people want. The left don’t seem to understand that not everybody wants to live in densely populated urban areas, that not everybody sees the ‘wisdom’ of what the left want.

    This is one of the biggest problems with the left: they are wholly egocentric, and for all of their professions about ‘multi-culturalism,’ they really don’t understand how anybody can think differently from themselves.

  2. John says:

    Teach are you advocating socialism as the correct response to Trump’s virus problem ? should everybody be given free money ?
    Shoukd companies expect to be bailed out ?
    Shoukd billionaires like trump be expected to ever lose money ?

    • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

      Retard says ‘what’?

      Lolgfy johnny

    • Jl says:

      John-still waiting for you to show us where Trump said the severity of the virus was a hoax. I’m sue you’re working on it…

    • David D says:

      Has the fed tracked you down yet John? I’m sure your green card expired and China wants you back home.

  3. Kye says:

    Ahh, those Chicoms…..

    “The Epoch Times thought it was a bit odd for 21 million Chinese cell phones to abruptly disappear, given that cell phone usage has been increasing constantly in China for years, and phones have been touted as an important tool for containing the coronavirus epidemic:

    China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced on March 19 the number of phone users in each province in February. Compared with the previous announcement, which was released on Dec. 18, 2019, for November 2019 data, both cellphone and landline users dropped dramatically. In the same period the year before, the number of users increased.

    The number of cellphone users decreased from 1.600957 billion to 1.579927 billion, a drop of 21.03 million. The number of landline users decreased from 190.83 million to 189.99 million, a drop of 840,000.

    In the previous February, the number increased. According to MIIT, the number of cellphone users increased in February 2019 from 1.5591 billion to 1.5835 billion, which is 24.37 million more. The number of landline users increased from 183.477 million to 190.118 million, which is 6.641 million more.

    According to China’s National Bureau of Statistics, the country’s population at the end of 2019 was 4.67 million larger than in 2018, reaching 1.40005 billion.”

    The Chicoms “disappearing” people puts even the Clinton Crime Family to shame!

    Then there are the lovely leftist so well represented at this blog and their “thoughts” on Red China Virus:

    But it’s “the radical right” dat be da problem!

    Trump 2020 Cause the people on their side are fukin’ nuts!

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