Democrat Wake County Sheriff Joins Others In Suspending New Pistol And Concealed Carry Permits

Of course, the sheriff has Reasons

Wake County sheriff suspends pistol, concealed-carry permit applications as demand surges

The Wake County Sheriff’s Office will suspend pistol and concealed-carry permit applications until April 30 as demand surges amid the coronavirus outbreak, Sheriff Gerald Baker announced Tuesday.

Applications that have already been submitted will continue to be processed, Baker said during a press briefing.

Pistol permit applications last week averaged 290 per day, or more than three times the roughly 90 applications per day during the same time period a year ago, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Baker said his office needs time to manage the backlog.

“This decision does not limit anyone’s right to purchase a handgun,” he said in a news release.

Except, they can’t purchase if their permits won’t be processed. Democrat Baker, who already refuses to cooperate with ICE and protect citizens from illegal alien criminals, joins a number of mostly Democrat areas that are closing gun stores and refusing to process permits.

Legislative critics immediately called the sheriff’s action reckless.

In a statement, Sens. Warren Daniel, a Burke County Republican, and Danny Britt, a Robeson County Republican, called on Baker to cancel his order.

“State law requires sheriffs to approve or reject a pistol permit within 14 days,” they wrote.

“Sheriff Baker must immediately rescind his illegal decision to halt sale of pistols in Wake County,” they wrote.

If Baker doesn’t, Daniel and Britt said they would call on their fellow lawmakers to force him to do so.

I’m betting Baker will not comply, as he knows that the Democratic Party governor will not sign any legislation. But, hey, maybe he’ll back down like the L.A. County sheriff did, especially in the face of lawyers and threats of lawsuits.

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4 Responses to “Democrat Wake County Sheriff Joins Others In Suspending New Pistol And Concealed Carry Permits”

  1. John says:

    Wake County is definitely Blue now
    Must be all those “smart” people moving to the triangle

    • formwiz says:

      After the last few weeks, nothing is blue.

      The Demos have shown people what they really are and I don’t think it’s going over well.

      As for the sheriff, what’s he afraid of? Somebody going to shoot the Kung Flu?

      • John says:

        Are your political forecasts baddd on reality or wishful thinking ?
        In our last election in 2016 could you predict that the Dems would absolutely crush the GOP and Trump?
        No one including Dems thought that the Dems would pick up so many House seats, 41

        • formwiz says:

          In our last Presidential election, the Rs would absolutely crushed the Demos.

          If, by some mischance, you mean ’18, they were hardly “crushed”. They kept the Senate and gained the House by vote fraud.

          Put down the Ripple, Orange Man Badd.

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