Cult of Climastrology: Coronavirus Is A Great Opportunity To Implement ‘Climate Change’ Policy

See, people are getting sick (not many), people are scared (a lot), so, hey, it’s time for the doomsday cult to do their thing

Blog: Humanity must unite to beat coronavirus and climate change

The Coronavirus pandemic will have a huge global impact in 2020, not only on health and well-being, but also on our societies, economies and politics.

It is worth thinking through what the impact of the pandemic may be on climate change and climate actions – in terms of emissions, global and national politics, and social change. (snip)

If handled badly, the pandemic could suck the energy out of public action and public policy as prosperity declines. Governments will need to provide stimulus to economies that suffer from the impact of the coronavirus.

One way could be to fund elements of the green transition, thereby creating jobs. Helping economies and societies that suffer to recover and start the shift to a low emissions future is a way to meet both short and long-term social needs.

Governments need to respond effectively and fast to the coronavirus. That could distract attention and divert resources away from focusing on the climate crisis in the short term. (snip)

Perhaps the pandemic will produce changes that make societies more willing to act on the climate crisis in the long run. Strengthening recognition of our interdependence – that everyone’s health is everyone else’s business – could strengthen the understanding that compassion and empathy are functional traits for humanity.

This is not some random small blog like mine: this is from the Red Cross Red Crescent’s climate center website, which seems to be hoping for Doom in order to push ‘climate change’ policy, which is a push for a massive government dominated and controlled society.

Then there’s this at Climate Home News

Governments have ‘historic opportunity’ to accelerate clean energy transition, IEA says

Political and financial leaders have “a historic opportunity” to usher in a new era for global climate action with economic stimulus packages to confront the coronavirus pandemic, the head of the International Energy Agency (IEA) has said.

In an interview with Climate Home News on Tuesday, Fatih Birol said stimulus packages to prop up economic recovery marked a critical moment for governments to “shape policies” in line with climate action.

“I am talking with several governments and international financial institutions leaders because they are all busy designing stimulus programmes for the economy – the plans they will put together will be extremely important,” he said.

“This is the reason I am telling them that we can use the current situation to step up our ambition to tackle climate change.”

Taking advantage of people being in fear to institute their Modern Socialist agenda.

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2 Responses to “Cult of Climastrology: Coronavirus Is A Great Opportunity To Implement ‘Climate Change’ Policy”

  1. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host concluded:

    Taking advantage of people being in fear to institute their Modern Socialist agenda.

    “To institute their National Socialist agenda” would be more accurate!

    Governments are already instituting National Socialist controls, including the action of Führer und Reichskanzler Andy Beshear in placing a man under what is essentially house arrest, without any due process of law, because he refuses to self-quarantine. Other tinpot dictators have ordered the closure of schools and businesses and restaurants, and seemingly no thought at all is being given to whether these actions are legal or constitutional.

    Now the nitwit you cited above wants to renew the 2009 stimulus plan, the one that didn’t work. The stimulus program for the recession prior to that involved sending cash directly to Americans to spend as they wished; the 2009 plan spent money on various pork projects which did little to mitigate unemployment or put money in people’s hands. At best, that stimulus money was designed to trickle down in the form of wages to those fortunate enough to keep their jobs. In the end, the stimulus plan, which was supposed to keep unemployment to a maximum of 8%, with a projected rise to 9% if it wasn’t passed, we were told. Unemployment reached 10%, which indicates that either the stimulus plan didn’t work, or the oh-so-edumacated economists in the Obysmal Administration didn’t know what they were doing.

    In reality, both are true.

    The warmunists want to repeat 2009, by sending the stimulus money to corporations which will spend it on more pork projects, but they’ll be green pork projects, don’t you know? Perhaps Solyndra can reinvent itself in exchange for more pork? Greenbacks for green projects!

    I’m no fan of simply sending out checks to people, but at least those would help keep food on their tables and a roof over their heads.

    Meanwhile, the greatest stimulus plan is coming from Saudi Arabia, which, in its production spat with Russia, has opened the floodgates on production; gasoline is now under $2.00 a gallon in the Bluegrass State, meaning that we leave the filling station with more money left in our bank accounts than would have been the case previously.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The 2009 stimulus package was $831 billion.

    The steady unemployment rate decrease from 2009 to present would argue that the stimulus package had a positive effect. But of course the reduction in public spending at the time of the Great Recession was at least $2 trillion, so it was hard to plug that hole with $831 billion.

    It sounds as if the current GOP is willing to spend much, much more taxpayer money now to help their candidate. Good for them. The Dems will go along to help Americans.

    The 2009 ARRA bill hammered out between the GOP and Dems included direct cash payments, extended unemployment benefits, job training, food stamps, temporary welfare payments, infrastructure investment, mass transit projects, clean water projects, public housing improvements, COBRA subsidy for laid off workers, increased Medicaid support, education (schools) funding, renewable energy projects, hiring police officers. Money that went into supporting workers and businesses. It wasn’t enough but it was successful. A $2 trillion economic stimulus would have greatly sped the recovery.

    And the stock market responded favorably as well. We had the Great Recession in 2008, a mini recession or slowdown 2014-15, another continued bull market (from Trump/GOP stimulus) until this current crash and the coming Trump Recession. Let’s hope the new Keynesian stimulus plan works its magic!

    The downside is that the debt will continue to soar.

    As Americans drive less these days (unemployment, avoiding crowds) and with the cut in gas prices, it will impact the fossil fuels industries. The administration was discussing ways to help the industry but when the plans were leaked the administration had to pull back their plans. It WILL leave more money in American’s pockets.

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