Bummer: ‘Climate Change’ Will Kill Us All

Is it any wonder that so many young folks are suffering from “climate anxiety”? They’ve been taught to freak out, so, are losing their minds and are living in (fake) fear. Witness

Climate change affects us all – will kill us all

I AM sorry to say that I don’t have the guts to miss any more of my lessons by going on strike or to miss my GCSEs.

I’m sorry that I don’t want to be seen as rude and ungrateful by telling my relatives and friends to not get me anything that adds to our carbon footprint.

And I am sorry that I still do buy myself a new top or some jeans now and then even if it may be from somewhere a tad more ethical than some other shops.

I am sorry for my selfishness. I wish I could do better.

But this just shows how messed up the world is, making a kid feel bad about anything that they do in case it causes more damage to the planet.

You can feel the Victimhood, can’t you? People love to revel in their Victimhood these days, it makes them feel powerful, like a hero.

We can all try our best to make the little choices in our everyday lives to help save the planet. We can all have a vegan meal. But nothing will change until the governments force businesses to be more environmentally friendly.

But, don’t call the Cult of Climastrology Fascist or something

Leaders, politicians, businesses – you need to make better choices. And the rest of us, we will kick up a fuss, we will fight for our future, we will fight for justice!

Stop pushing this back, ignoring it! I am not saying that issues like Brexit are unimportant. However, compared to climate change they are miniscule.

Climate change affects us all; is what will kill us all. But I don’t think that I need to show you any of the mind-blowing evidence of this, do I? I think that you can just switch the news on and find out for yourself.

The little snowflake who wrote this is just 15, and has truly been indoctrinated into the Cult. How many others are doomsdayers? Ones who really won’t change much in their own lives, but demand Government do it, and think we’re all going to die? This is what they’re learning in school and from the news and doomsday cult activists. It’s child abuse.

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13 Responses to “Bummer: ‘Climate Change’ Will Kill Us All”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Really? A letter to the editor of an English newspaper (Camden New Journal)?

    Of course kids are concerned about global warming based on what they’ve heard from adults, just as kids in the 60s feared nuclear attack from the Russians (remember drills, stored water), just as kids today fear being shot at school and have active shooter drills.

    Global warming is long term threat.

    • formwiz says:

      Example of the brainwashing and fearmongering to which kids are subjected.

      just as kids in the 60s feared nuclear attack from the Russians (remember drills, stored water), just as kids today fear being shot at school and have active shooter drills.

      I never saw any stored water, never did any drills when I was a kid.

      If you were out in the boonies (doubtful), I’ll bet you never did, either.

      And there are active shooter drills? Where?

      If I know kids, such things are the furthest things from their minds.

  2. formwiz says:

    Global warming is long term threat.

    People waking up to another scam is Jeffery’s long term threat.

    But, yeah, they won’t get all the brainwashing at home if they’re there a couple of weeks or a month.

    Or they’re out till September. They just might be happy kids again.

    Can’t have that, now can we?

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Edward is lonely and lives through us.

      “Is not!” he shouts!

      And yes, global warming is a long term threat.

      • formwiz says:

        I’m not being paid minimum wage to make an ass of myself spreading lies.

        And yes, global warming is a long term threat.

        Only if you convince enough rubes to put people like you in charge.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          You wish you made at least minimum wage. You’re living off the taxes I pay. You’re welcome.

      • Hl says:

        Except you don’t have proof it’s a long term threat. Other than that…

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