White Christmas’ Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past In Canada Or Something

This is all your fault. All your use of fossil fuels, ordering presents online to have them delivered, not growing your own food, eating some sort of meat on Christmas day, having lights up, using wrapping paper. Bad you!

No white Christmas? Environment Canada predicts ‘green’ holiday

Though it’s still too early to say with certainty, most Canadians are likely to have a green Christmas this year, according to Environment Canada.

And that could be the new normal, said senior climatologist Dave Phillips.

“The trend is towards greener Christmases,” he told CTVNews.ca on Tuesday, adding that the weather could still change on a dime. The most accurate forecasts for Dec. 25 won’t come until Sunday or Monday, but there are no active weather systems on the horizon right now, he said.

“If you’ve got a white Christmas now I think you’re probably going to hold it,” he said. In Canada, a “white Christmas” means 2 cm of snow or more, according to Environment Canada, not the “thin and scanty” snow cover seen in many areas. (snip)

The silver lining is that holiday travelling could be smooth sailing, but increasingly green Christmases are perhaps the simplest reminder of climate change, he said. In some areas of the country 50 years ago, there was an 80 per cent chance of a white Christmas. Those same areas are more like 65 per cent today.

“We are the snowiest country in the world — I think we’re losing it,” he said. “We’re not as white as we used to be. We’re not as cold as we used to be. The one season that has truly gotten warmer is our winter season.”

Fifty years ago everyone was worried about a coming ice age. Now, it’s just a continuation of a typical Holocene warm period. But, the climate cultists always have to fearmonger.

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4 Responses to “White Christmas’ Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past In Canada Or Something”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    This is great news. Canadians will save billions in home heating costs and winter fashion clothing.

  2. Nighthawk says:

    But I thought early snow was a sign of climate change. Now the lack of snow is a sign of climate change?

    They wonder why we doubt them.

    • Kye says:

      You’re not supposed to listen to what these idiots are actually saying Nighthawk, only what they “mean” when they say it. Their virtue of global environmental love outweighs the facts or the truth of the situation. In reality it makes them sound like anti science clowns looking for attention.

  3. JGlanton says:

    Northern hemisphere snowfall is increasing, not decreasing.

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