Extinction Rebellion Uses Fossil Fueled Truck To Dump Manure At COP25

These people are nuts

Yahoo has video of this. Let’s go to Reuters

Green activists dumped horse manure and staged a mock hanging outside the venue of a U.N. climate summit in Madrid on Saturday, airing their frustration at the failure of world leaders to take meaningful action against global warming. (snip)

Twelve members of the group stood on melting blocks of ice, nooses drawn tight around their necks to symbolize the 12 months remaining until the next summit, when the Paris deal enters a make-or-break implementation phase.

Loonatics. From their webpage

  • To mark the end of this year’s COP, Extinction Rebellion has delivered a present to our world leaders who have gathered here for this most important gathering: a pile of Madrid’s finest horse manure
  • “We are in the shit unless we come together, think bigger and transformative. Remember from the most pungent shit, grows the most beautiful roses”

Interestingly, I’m not finding anything that says that the truck used was not powered by fossil fuels.

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4 Responses to “Extinction Rebellion Uses Fossil Fueled Truck To Dump Manure At COP25”

  1. Dana says:

    And they wonder why they aren’t persuading anybody.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    They are just junior activists working on their resume’s. Some day, you will see those same faces standing behind microphones talking for elected “leaders”.

  3. I notice they only dropped a sample of manure, not enough to block the roads. How do they expect to change minds if they don’t totally block the road into and out of the climate summit? Causing all those summiteers to miss their flights home would really matter.

  4. alanstorm says:

    “Extinction Rebellion dumps load of manure at entrance to Madrid Climate conference.”

    Isn’t that redundant?

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