Dem Fail: Majority Of Voters Do Not Want Trump Impeached Or Removed

After beating the bandwagon with Russia Russia Russia since the moment Trump was elected, after yammering about impeaching him and how Orange Man Bad all this time, saying how he is doing such bad things, after the hysteria over the Mueller report, even refusing to give up after it was a big dud, and now after Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine, the quid pro quo and bribery stuff, all the hearings, having the media in their corner, we still end with

Majority of voters don’t want Trump impeached, removed from office: poll

A majority of voters now oppose impeaching and ousting President Trump from office, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday — the same day Democrats unveiled articles of impeachment against the commander in chief.

The poll found that 51% of registered voters surveyed said they don’t want to see Trump impeached and removed from office — compared to 45% who do.

Answers were split along party lines, with 83% of those who said they want the president impeached identifying as Democrats, and 95% who said they don’t identifying as Republicans.

The last time more than 50% opposed impeachment was when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi launched the inquiry in late September.

The poll released Tuesday was conducted between Dec. 4 and 9, during the series of House Judiciary Committee public hearing and after the House Intelligence Committee hearings.

It’s interesting that 17% of Democrats do not want impeachment, as the number used to be higher. More will peel away. Independents oppose impeachment 52-44. The more the Dems talk, the more the polls shift.

In the same poll, Trump doesn’t doing well on the “handling X” questions except for the one that matters: the economy. 54% approve, 42% disapprove. Even the Never Trumpers aren’t dissing him, as 97% of Republicans approve. On the Dem side, 79% disapprove, of course, but, looking at independents, 54% approve/39% disapprove. Those are good numbers for Trump. The economy is where elections are made. Not climate change, not Medicare for All, not foreign policy, it’s the economy. Bread and Butter issues.

And the poll goes on to note that

So, the 69% say the economy is good to excellent. Even 50% of Democrats say that. 68% of Independents saying it helps Trump. Never underestimate the power of a good economy in a presidential election, whether they had anything to do with it or not. Hence why the Credentialed Media was beating the “OMG, a recession is coming!!!!” drum.

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7 Responses to “Dem Fail: Majority Of Voters Do Not Want Trump Impeached Or Removed”

  1. Doom and Gloom says:

    Apprehensions are down 70 percent all across the border.

    Now that most migrants have not been released inside the U.S., there has been less incentive for them to make that dangerous journey, and even if they do attempt it, the policies have made it easier for the government to send migrants home or to another country to await their hearings.

    TRUMP HAS ERECTED AN INVISIBILE WALL. Even the democrats claim it is so.

    How Trump’s ‘invisible wall’ policies have already curbed immigration The Guardian 2019.

    In the two years and 308 days that Donald Trump has been president, his administration has constructed far more effective barriers to immigration. No new laws have actually been passed. This transformation has mostly come about through subtle administrative shifts—a phrase that vanishes from an internal manual, a form that gets longer, an unannounced revision to a website, a memo, a footnote in a memo. Among immigration lawyers, the cumulative effect of these procedural changes is known as the invisible wall.

    How Trump built an invisible wall around America

    THIS is why the Democrats are terrified of TRUMP. Hes so fuking smart they cant even stand to be in the same room with him. Obama was a kindergartner OWNED BY CORPORATIONS and WALL STREET same as anything the left throws at him save Bernie Sanders who then VACATIONED and HONEYMOONED IN THE SOVIET UNION.

    And if that is not enough we have this:

    Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif., said Tuesday she’s willing to impeach President Trump again if he wins reelection in 2020.

    America vote these democrats out of office if you want to see things done. Simple as that assuming my theory on Jeffry Epstein is not valid and there are 20 GOP senators being threatened with exposure without Epstein still alive to say nah that never happened.

  2. Kye says:

    D&G, your quote by Rep. Karen Bass proves my previous point that this is NOT and impeachment but a coup. A treasonous coup. They are impeaching not because of high crime but because they hate our Constitutional Republic and can’t abide the election of a person they hate. All the DemComs have left is hate. The plotters should be in GITMO.

    Trump 2020 Let the bastards try again!

  3. formwiz says:

    Try this on for size:

    Since Trump wasn’t charged with a high crime (felony) or misdemeanor, a lot of law professors are saying Trump can take this to SCUS and file a motion to dismiss.

    So, my question to the house, is a weasel? Is this a ruse to get out of a trial, but try to please the rubes?

    If so, I don’t think it flies. And Trump still has the option to ask for a trial and pull a Hitler. I’m talking about a trial where he puts the Demos on the hot seat that would make even Tomas de Torquemada smile.


    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      High crimes and misdemeanors does not mean what most people think it means.

      “High” in this case does not refer to the seriousness of the crime but rather to who commits it, i.e., a President, VP, Supreme Court justice.

      Trump should testify under oath!

      • david7134 says:

        Right on que, you step up and say something very stupid.

        At first I thought this impeachment nonsense was the worst thing I have seen. But it is turning out to be great. Trump will win the election without issue and the House will solidly turn conservative. More conservative seats in the Senate. And the Republicans gain more judges and a solid young majority in the Supreme Court. WInning, MAGA, KAG.

  4. formwiz says:

    Apparently, a lot of law professors say differently and, since what they teach is what is going to make or break their students’ careers, it ought to be right, but Baghdadi Bunny wants to go with a few hack politicians who painted themselves into a stupid corner.

    “High” in this case does not refer to the seriousness of the crime but rather to who commits it, i.e., a President, VP, Supreme Court justice.

    Since it is already laid out who can be impeached and examples are given (bribery is a pretty low offense, after all), the only thing high is probably you.

    Many of the 11 Articles against Andrew Johnson* were of this type and only one survived to be voted on. As history recalls, the trial freed him.

    When New went after Willie, both articles were of specific crimes.

    Trump should testify under oath!

    Then why wasn’t he supoenaed?

    If Trump demands a trial (and don’t be surprised if he does) rather than asks for a dismissal (which he will probably get), the phrase, “your worst nightmare”, will conjure up bad dreams for the Democrats for generations.

    FWIW Johnson’s impeachment was similar to this farce with abolitionists and Radical Republicans running the show.

    A review of the articles, all 11 of them, shows many are as flimsy as what we have today.

    PS The Eminent Mr Surber has floated an interesting proposition. As long as Zippy is alive, there will not be a Democrat PUS.


  5. Doom and Gloom says:

    Remember GWB JR bashed Gore non stop with returning integrity to the Oval Office. Even though it was Clinton and not GORE, the left will bash trump relentlessly over this in 2020.

    I have heard many say that despite poll numbers its not as advantageous for Trump to have a trial as some would think.

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