Cult: Most Germans Fine With Doing Away With Christmas Lights Due To ‘Climate Change’

Of course, the same poll should have asked if the respondants were willing to give up their use of fossil fuels, washing machines, ice makers, hair dryers,and smartphones, among others, and would make their own clothes and grow their own food

Climate change: Majority of Germans support ditching Christmas lights

A majority of Germans say they would consider scaling down their Christmas lights to protect the climate, a survey released on Sunday said. A total of 57% of those surveyed said they would reduce Christmas lighting or even do without it in the future, according to the survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of the German news agency DPA.

Of the respondents, 11% said they would make do without any lights this year due to climate concerns, while 10% said they would do so in the future. But 35% said turning off the lights was not an option for them.

Opinion is split on whether there should be fewer lights on buildings and in the streets in general, with 44% both for and against the idea. Having lights up during the festive season is appreciated by a large majority of 79% in Germany. Almost seven out of 10 people surveyed plan to decorate their homes with electric Christmas lights this year.

See, they would consider it. In the future. But, not now.

Christmas lights are a common feature during the festival season every year, with the lights wrapped around homes, streets and trees. But scientists have warned that the lighting does have an environmental cost.

But, the article provides nothing to back that up, not even a link.

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