Climate Cult Pope Calls The Crisis (scam) The “Challenge Of Civilization”

Pope Francis seems to spend more time on social justice warrior stuff like ‘climate change’ than Catholic doctrine. Since he is a climate cultist does he now think that abortion on demand and population control are great?

Climate crisis is ‘challenge of civilisation’, says pope

The climate emergency is a “challenge of civilisation” requiring sweeping changes to economic systems, but political leaders have not done enough, the pope has said in a message to governments meeting at the annual climate summit in Madrid.

“We must seriously ask ourselves if there is the political will to allocate with honesty, responsibility and courage, more human, financial and technological resources [to the climate crisis],” he said, in the pontifical message, which was welcomed by activists.

“Numerous studies tell us it is still possible to limit global warming. To do this we need a clear, far-sighted and strong political will, set on pursuing a new course that aims at refocusing financial and economic investments toward those areas that truly safeguard the conditions of a life worthy of humanity on a healthy planet for today and tomorrow.”

He put particular emphasis on the role of young people, who “show a heightened sensitivity to the complex problems that arise from this emergency. We must not place the burden on the next generations to take on the problems caused by the previous ones.”

Hmm, he sounds like the same Modern Socialists in the Cult of Climastrology who want to blow up capitalism and replace it with a government driven and controlled economy.

Neil Thorns, the director of advocacy at the Catholic aid agency Cafod, said: “Pope Francis is clear you can’t tackle the climate crisis on its own: it has to be considered alongside wider issues of environmental degradation, poverty and inequality.

“His message to COP25 highlights the need to reform our model of development alongside refocusing our economic systems, emphasising the ‘challenge of civilisation’ is for us to act for the common good and with the most vulnerable people at the heart of decisions.”

So, it’s not about the actual climate, but, every left wing bit of advocacy, which is really way to the right, being authoritarian.

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3 Responses to “Climate Cult Pope Calls The Crisis (scam) The “Challenge Of Civilization””

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    So now even the Roman Catholic Church is communist tool?

    TEACH attacks the Church for its climate position, but did he ever attack the church for protecting abusive priests?

    The KKK is also anti-Catholic.

    • Professor Hale says:

      Wow, Jeff. You have so much to say, you should get a blog of your own so the internet can see all of it in one place.

    • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

      No wonder the little sissybitch is whimpering.

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      Last Price

      Ouch! Lolgf

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