Bummer: World Not Close To Meeting Paris Climate Agreement Goals

Remember when the Paris climate agreement was called “historic” non-stop? And nations hailed joining in, patting themselves on the back? And they were all going to Do Something Important? Funny how we keep reading this same thing

Paris climate deal: world not on track to meet goal amid continuous emissions

Carbon dioxide emissions rose weakly this year as the use of coal declined but natural gas took up the slack, a comprehensive study of the global “carbon budget” has found.

The rise in emissions was much smaller than in the last two years, but the continued increase means the world is still far from being on track to meet the goals of the Paris agreement on climate change, which would require emissions to peak then fall rapidly to reach net-zero by mid-century.

Emissions for this year will be 4% higher than those in 2015, when the Paris agreement was signed. Governments are meeting this week and next in Madrid to hammer out some of the final details for implementing the Paris deal and start work on new commitments to cut emissions by 2030. But the new report shows the increasing difficulty of that task.

Wait, it’s difficult to get people to cut down on their use of energy, especially those in developing nations who would like to have the same standard of living and modern lifestyles of those in 1st World nations? Huh.

“Current climate and energy policies are too weak to reverse trends in global emissions,” she said. “Policies have been successful to varying degrees in deploying low-carbon technologies, such as solar and wind power and electric vehicles. But these often add to existing demand for energy rather than displacing technologies that emit CO2, particularly in countries where energy demand is growing.”

Because solar and wind are rather unreliable at this time, so, still need reliable energy.

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3 Responses to “Bummer: World Not Close To Meeting Paris Climate Agreement Goals”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    The goals were all arbitrary and random to begin with and each delegate outbidding the others to have a higher fictional number. Of course they can’t meet them. None of those countries are doing anything to reduce their energy use.

  2. Dana says:

    It appears that President Trump is the only honest world leader out there. He didn’t even pretend that his government would try to force American citizens into a poorer lifestyle, but withdrew from the agreement entirely. I thought it would be wiser to submit the agreement to the Senate for ratification, knowing it would be rejected, but still . . . .

    The other government leaders are still out there, pretending to be so very concerned, but their countries aren’t going to meet their reduction targets either. The only difference is that President Trump is telling the truth, while they are lying through their scummy teeth.

    But this is kind of old news, isn’t it? After all, the same thing happened with the misbegotten Kyoto Accords: almost nobody met their targets.

    • Professor Hale says:

      The Russians met their goals only because the Soviet Union collapsed and their economy collapsed. All their state-supported pollution factories had to close. Kyoto used the Soviet Union’s numbers as their baseline. Chine and India were exempt under Kyoto so they met their “goals” too. All three were waiting for a huge paycheck from the USA as a reward.

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