Fail: Americans Lose Interest In Impeachment Theater

Perhaps if the Democrats had had any sort of actual evidence of serious wrongdoing, other than what is simple Politics 101 along with a parade of witnesses who had feelings and thoughts but didn’t actually witness the phone call

American public loses enthusiasm for impeachment despite blockbuster hearings

Democrats hoped it would be the week that Donald Trump was hoist with his own petard.

A parade of witnesses, including former aides to the president, strode into Congress to deliver seemingly damning testimony to the impeachment inquiry.

But the blockbuster hearings, which reached a huge television audience, appeared instead to have swung public support back towards Mr Trump.

A national poll by Emerson College, taken during the hearings, between Nov 17 and Nov 20, found 45 per cent now oppose impeaching the president, with 43 per cent in favour.

In October the same poll had a majority, 48 per cent, in favour of impeachment, with 44 per cent opposed.

The new poll revealed a particularly large swing of six points against impeachment among independent voters. The polls showed 49 per cent of independents were now against impeachment, with 34 per cent in favour.

Oops. Now, consider that they’re taking a break for this week, and, when they come back, it will be Christmas season, and people will care even less. There have been no blockbusters so far, so, what, they’re saving those who can make the case for last? Doubtful. If they take a vote before Christmas, no one will be watching. It won’t make it over to the Senate till probably the end of January after recess. Then the GOP led Senate will call Excitable Adam Schiff to testify, and will bring out the information as to what Joe Biden did to help his son regarding Ukraine.

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10 Responses to “Fail: Americans Lose Interest In Impeachment Theater”

  1. Doom and Gloom says:

    State Department documents expose Biden-Ukraine corruption.

    Lyin Joe bragged about denying billions in aid to Ukraine until they fired a prosecutor looking into his sons company in the Ukraine. QUID PRO QUO.

    Documents detail inhumane conditions in China’s ‘reeducation’ labor camps

    The left wanted it. Here it comes…. Obama told Lyin Joe you don’t have to do this. Joe thought he was invincible. I think in his mental state he forgot what it was like to be in the limelight again. He suffered a pretty bad stroke a while back and doctors thought he would not come back, now as a much older gentleman, like 7 years since the last time he had to campaign the effects of age and that stroke are playing havoc with the man. He cant quit now. He needs the press to keep him out of jail.

    China was paying HUNTER BIDEN millions. His daddy on the campaign trail said China is not a problem. A crime. Probably not, but certainly the so called front runner which we all know the ESTABLISHMENT MSM who wants nothing to do with those commie pinkos running will do anything to take the fair and square nomination away from any one of them to put another HRC clone on the ticket.

  2. John says:

    Emerson polls using primarily landlines
    More than 50% of Americans households do not have landlines

    • formwiz says:

      And there’s no phone book for cell phones, which makes all polls kinda sketchy.

      I always take polls with a grain of NaCl.

    • Doom and Gloom says:


      Did you know the same poll your referencing has Trump’s approval among blacks and Hispanics alike at 38 percent?

      Bad news considering many polls have come out with Trump getting anywhere from 17-nearly 50 percent of the black vote and his Hispanic numbers 30-50 range as well.

      So even taking the worst-case scenario for his support among blacks which is now double what he got in 2016, the left is in serious trouble since he will probably get 8-10 percent more of the Hispanic vote.

      You and I both know why the left is trying to impeach Trump. He is beating them on every front.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Listened to Jonah Goldberg this AM and his take was that the Dems executed a legal slam dunk against tRump in the hearings, he and his henchmen did all they were accused of, and have spread conspiracy after conspiracy since, but it just doesn’t matter. tRump has beaten the legal system once again!

    He’s right. The Dems should censure the Mango Marauder and move on to the election.

    • Liljeffyatemypuppyy says:

      Jonah Goldberg pfft! Bwaha!

      New sheriff in town…

      Lolgfy little sissybitch.

    • Kye says:

      Exactly what was Goldberg’s proof? What legal system has Trump beaten “once again”? Your communist politicians have been raving around a president looking for a crime and they still have NONE! You say “he and his henchmen did all they were ACCUSED of” so I assume like all true COMMIES you believe the guy is guilty by accusation not by what they can prove. Yeah, you’re some great American you are. Anybody not in your political party or who does not agree 100% wth you is automatically guilty of any “accusation” even without charges, trials or proof of guilt. That’s how you pinkos roll. Why don’t you just move to Cuba where you’d be much happier. They believe everything you believe.

      Trump 2020 Because an “accusation” is not proof of a crime…Yet!

  4. formwiz says:

    Goldberg’s a NeverTrumper from the word go, so who cares? Fact is, nobody is listening and the inquisition is making Trump stronger and driving more people to his camp.

    The Dems should censure the Mango Marauder and move on to the election.

    Censure? Censure?? Censure???

    Where’s the boy who said impeachment was assured? Where’s the Commie tool who said his resignation was a done deal? Where’s the little boy who couldn’t wait for that deal he was going to cut?

    Sounds like Troll Central has gotten the word that people are fed up with almost 4 years of games and would like to send them all packing.

    Moving on to the election only means watching Trump get re-elected adding at least OR, MN, NH, NM, NV, ME, CO, and VA to the states he took last time, retaking the House, confirming a new SCUS Justice, and expanding his hold on the Senate.

    But it’s nice to see Baghdadi Bunny knows when he’s beat. Not exactly Appomattox or Tokyo Bay, but it will do.

    PS Mango Marauder? That’s almost as useful as Basket of Deplorables.

  5. Doom and Gloom says:

    Five polls since impeachment inquiry all have the numbers dropping including the big one.

    INDEPENDENTS…Their numbers plummeted 10 points.

    No one cares about the 37 percent of democrats or 32 percent of republicans. We know how they are going to vote.

    Independents favor NO IMPEACHMENT and that’s what matters to anyone running for office in a battleground state or district.

  6. Doom and Gloom says:

    There are 31 democrats who will vote NO when it comes to impeachment. Then the young Turks will primary all of them. But this time around the USA will be ready for this BS. AFter they unseated a 12 term Rep with AOC they will be ready for the radicals the Yount Turks throws at them.

    These so called moderates in Trump won swing districts are in full panic mode. IF they vote no on impeachment they will be primaried. If they vote yes probably half of them will lose their seats. Just what the GOP needs to retake the house.

    in 2018 the Right was not prepared for the tactics of the left. This time they are and they will be hitting the left hard on the fact they tried to pass health care and the LEFT voted it down. See Chuck Shurmur with even those in his own party begging him to pass it.

    The left is trying to repeat 2018 but they will fail if the Right is ready. IF they ignore the healthcare issues from now till election day then they might succeed because unlike the CLUELESS RIGHT in DC far from their home districts, Healthcare is still a big problem in this country.

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