Bummer: Extinction Rebellion Is Too Middle Class, To Whitebread

This isn’t the first mention of Extinction Rebellion (XR) being called this. I do like how the media and pundits only see race in this, but, then, it doesn’t seem that most people other than white, upper middle class to rich folks really care about Hotcoldwetdry. This comes from CNN, but, don’t expect them to actually condemn XR when they do bad things

Too white, too middle class and lacking in empathy, Extinction Rebellion has a race problem, critics say

Last month angry commuters dragged two Extinction Rebellion protesters off the top of trains at a tube station in a working class, historically poor district of east London during morning rush hour. The demonstrators were trying to force the British government to take action on the climate crisis.

Their protest — which disrupted thousands of people’s journeys to work — was rapidly criticized as wrongheaded and out of touch by members of the public, across social media and in the press.

The article goes on to note some of the protests by XR and how they caused lots of problem for lots of people, especially in London, which is where the empathy comes in.

The protest at Canning Town — one of three London tube stations targeted at the end of two weeks of large-scale disruptions in the city — highlighted what many argue is the problem with mass environmental movements: they are too white, too middle class, and lacking in empathy for the least well-off in society.

A 2014 University of Michigan study that looked into 293 mainstream NGOs, foundations and government agencies found that the “current state of racial diversity in environmental organizations is troubling.” It concluded that the percentage of minorities employed as staff or on the boards of the organizations studied did not exceed 16%.

Nothing new for most of the crazy enviro/climate groups.

As a loosely networked grassroots movement , there is no recognized hierarchy within Extinction Rebellion. But Mawuli Klu — who speaks on behalf of the movement as a leading voice within Extinction Rebellion’s Internationalist Solidarity Network — also admits there is a problem.

“Yes, it’s factual to recognize that XR, from a certain point, is not diverse enough, but there needs to be recognition of the work those of us from non-white communities are now doing within XR,” said Mawuli Klu, whose organization serves the pan-African community. “We would all wish to see more diversity in XR. But it’s important to understand that, like every organization, XR has specific origins.”

See, these people only think in terms of race, while screeching at other people about racism.

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3 Responses to “Bummer: Extinction Rebellion Is Too Middle Class, To Whitebread”

  1. Dana says:

    Why, it’s almost as though the people who have to work for a living, every day, and have to worry about whether they’ll have enough money to pay their bills don’t feel quite the same was as those wealthy enough to take their holidays in Majorca.

  2. formwiz says:

    it doesn’t seem that most people other than white, upper middle class to rich folks really care about Hotcoldwetdry

    Don’t say it like that. There’s always everybody’s favorite little Commie, Jeffery L Keene.

  3. ST says:

    Rush Limbaugh: True Story of Thanksgiving (2015) – video


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